The Genie+ Guide To Avoid Disappointment: 10 Rides To Skip

There is nothing quite like walking past a long line waiting at a Disney ride and getting on in front of them. That is possible, thanks to the Genie+ system.

We can use Genie+ to skip the long wait for many rides but there are limitations as to how many times we can use it per day. That is why it is important to be strategic when choosing the rides where we skip the line.

Spaceship Earth August 2022

You can also use other strategies, such as rope dropping into your favorite ride at the beginning of the day or stopping by at the last minute before the park closes. None of them are going to be as effective as choosing your Genie+ turns carefully.

Some rides were made for Genie+. There are also certain rides that you would never waste a Genie+ on, including the following.

  1. Living With The Land: Although this list is in alphabetical order, we had to bump this one to the top. Quite simply, we are shocked that anyone would use a Genie+ to skip this line.

Living with the Land is a slow-moving ride found in Epcot. Generally speaking, you would only wait an average of about 20 minutes to get on the ride, so why not just wait? There are plenty of things to see while you are in line.

  1. Dumbo: This is a Disney World classic. It is something that most people will want to ride while they are at Walt Disney World, but save your Genie+ for another ride.

Go early in the day and you will likely wait less than 20 minutes and sometimes, only around 10 minutes to ride the ride.

  1. Mad Tea Party: You would expect the Mad Tea Party to be a teacup ride and you certainly would not be disappointed. You can find it in Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and it is a ride you should not miss.

This is also a must-do ride while you are at Disney World but you should only wait a few minutes in line. You might even want to ride this one more than once if you have some little ones with you.

  1. Magic Carpets Of Aladdin: When you are at the Magic Kingdom, you will definitely want to take this ride that is based on the film, Aladdin, from 1992. It is similar to Dumbo The Flying Elephant, but still worth a ride even if you have already been on Dumbo.

Hop in line any time for this ride and you will typically only wait about 10-20 minutes. There may be times when you hit it without any line and you can breeze right through.

  1. Mickey’s Philharmagic: This Disney attraction is well worth seeing and it is so popular that it is found at different Disney parks around the world.

You will have to wait an average of 20 minutes to get on this ride but if you hit it at the right time of day, the wait will be even shorter.

  1. Mexico Boat Ride: (Gran Fiesta) Take this gentle boat ride at Epcot and see Mexico from a very unique perspective. There are some times when you may even see some of the characters along the way but don’t waste your Genie+ on it.

For the most part, you only have to wait about 10 minutes to get on this ride and you even get to wait inside! It’s great when the hot Florida sun is getting the best of you.

  1. Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor: When you are visiting Tomorrowland, make sure that you walk over to this delightful ride. This one isn’t only for the kids, even adults will enjoy taking a look back on something nostalgic.

There may be times when you hit this ride and the wait time is up to 40 minutes or longer, but that does not happen very often. Go try something else and come back later, you are sure to find a slow queue time

  1. Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular: Who could possibly resist any ride that includes Indiana Jones? It is something that many of us remember from our youth, as one of the best movies of all time. The ride lives up to it, and it is an attraction you will want to visit more than once.

Fortunately, that is possible, because you can get to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and breeze right through the line. The wait time is generally very low and even if you do have to wait, there are some interesting things to see while you are waiting.

  1. Living Seas With Nemo: This is another great ride found at the World Nature section located within Epcot. If you want to get a unique and fun look at what is taking place under the sea, there is nothing quite like this ride. You are sure to be humming your favorite songs from the movie for hours.

Another fun part about this ride is the low wait time. Although you may have to wait for a long time to get on some of the rides at Epcot, you will be through the line and done with the ride in no time at all. If you happen to get to the ride and there is a long wait, go do something else for an hour and come back.

  1. Spaceship Earth In The Afternoon: This is one of the best-known attractions at Epcot because you can see it from many different Disney properties. It is the giant golf ball-looking attraction, but it is actually a dark ride inside of the geodesic sphere.

Many people tend to jump on the Spaceship Earth ride when they first arrive at the park in the morning.

Wait times can be long, but if you come back later in the afternoon, you will find that the line is pleasantly short.

It’s a great way to end your day or simply to get in and out of the Florida heat for a little while without having to wait a long time to actually ride.