A or B Side: The Rental Car Pick-Up Puzzle at Orlando Airport Explained

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  • Date: January 18, 2023

If you’re going to be renting a vehicle for your trip to Orlando, you are not alone. More people rent vehicles in Orlando than in any other place in the world.

There is still some confusion when picking up or dropping off a rental car at the Orlando International Airport. Can you do so through Terminal A and Terminal B or do you have to choose one or the other?

You can pick up or drop off a rental car on the level one ground transportation area in the garage. This area is easily accessed through both Terminal A and Terminal B entrances.

Orlando International Airport Parking Lot 2022

Rental car companies want to make the process as convenient for you as possible. The parking garage can therefore be easily accessed by either entrance.

If you are entering through Terminal A, then the parking garage is going to be parking garage A on the west side. On the other hand, you will be using parking garage B on the east side if you are entering through the Terminal B entrance.

There may be some specific options that are offered by the rental car company that you choose. You can always look at their information and they will give you more specific instructions on which terminal to enter, as one may be more convenient than the other.

Generally speaking, however, if you get in the wrong lane and enter through a different terminal than what you expected, you will still be taken to the Parking Garage.

Just follow the signs for the rental car companies and you will be able to find your specific rental car company once you enter the garage.

Are There Service Counters For All Car Rental Companies On Both Sides?

As I’m sure you are aware, you have many different options when it comes to renting cars in the Orlando area. This is also true of the Orlando International Airport, but are all rental companies available on both sides?

As long as the car rental company has a presence on the airport property, you can access it from either the Terminal A or Terminal B side.

Other rental car companies will shuttle you to their location from the Orlando International Airport.

The rental car companies that are not located on property at the Orlando International Airport offer shuttle service in both directions. You can get dropped off at the airport after dropping off your car and hop on your flight.

Of course, you would want to leave enough time for the shuttle to operate and get you where you need to be. Most rental car companies are continually running shuttles and they may have more than one shuttle going back and forth for your convenience.

The major car companies that are located at the airport and are accessible from either the Terminal A or Terminal B entrances include the following:











There are many other car-rental options available near the Orlando International Airport. You should check with the company that you are using for renting a vehicle to see how to get back and forth to their location if they are not on the airport property.

Can You Return A Rental Car To Either Side?

After you are finished with your visit to the Orlando area and Disney, what can you do with your rental car? When taking it back to the Orlando International Airport, should you enter through Terminal A or Terminal B?

There are designated drop-off locations for rental car companies at the Orlando International Airport. Those locations are accessible through either the Terminal A or Terminal B entrances. Make sure you verify with your rental car company where to return your vehicle.

There are some rental car companies that are not located on the property at the Orlando International Airport. These may have off-site locations that would require you to drop off the vehicle at a different location and then shuttle to the airport.

Dropping a vehicle off at the right location provides many benefits. In most cases, they will have a key drop available so you can drop your vehicle at any time and continue on your way to catch your flight without any delay.

If you have to drop your vehicle off at another location, it should be done first. Be sure to save enough time for the shuttle back to the airport so you are not late for your flight.

Can You Rent A Car From Orlando Airport And Drop it Off At Disney?

Many people who rent a vehicle at the Orlando International Airport would like to take it to Disney. Is it possible to rent a vehicle and drop it at Disney?

You can pick up a vehicle at the Orlando International Airport and drop it off at the Car Care Center located at Disney World.

Currently, Disney are working with Enterprise, Alamo, and National as their preferred car-rental partners.

The Car Care Facility will do more than simply accept the vehicle, they also will clean the vehicle with great detail. They even have the Complete Clean Pledge, which promises to pay close attention to more than 20 areas that are high touch. That is especially important during the pandemic.

Alamo Parking Lot Orlando International Airport 2022

After dropping your vehicle off at the Car Care Center, located near Magic Kingdom Park, you can catch a free Disney shuttle to your Disney resort hotel or to any facility located on the Disney property.

Shuttles do not automatically run from the Car Care Center, so you should schedule this in advance. Generally speaking, you should do so at least an hour ahead of time.

Will Enterprise Pick Me Up At Disney World?

Enterprise offers a very convenient pick-me-up service. They will come to get you and take you to the rental car facility. Will they also pick you up at Disney World?

Enterprise does offer a Disney door-to-door service shuttle for free. They will transport you from any resort hotel or from one of the theme parks, including the Magic Kingdom but you need to schedule it ahead of time.

When scheduling a pickup from Enterprise, be sure you verify where they will be picking you up. This is generally outside of the resort hotel’s main lobby or, if you are being picked up at the park, it will be outside of the main gate entrance.

The pickup for Magic Kingdom is at spot 19 at the Transportation and Ticket Center. If you are being picked up at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, go to bus parking spot 59.

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