Are Virgin Airplane Seats 3-4-3 Alignment? (Can A Family Of 4 Sit Together?)

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  • Date: December 8, 2022

Flying trans-Atlantic often leads to the question “can we all sit together on the plane”

When going on a trip with your family, the least you can expect is for all of you to sit together. This is where seat alignments come into play.

Depending on the size and structure of your plane, you’ll be met with different seat alignments on a Virgin Airlines flight.

Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747-400 has a 3-4-3 seat alignment in the Economy class. This lets a family of four sit together in the middle row, given that you are able to reserve these seats in time. 

In this article, we’re going to go over how you can book a Virgin 3-4-3 alignment seat, whether it costs more, and address some other frequently asked questions about Virgin airlines. 

Which Virgin Flights Have 3-4-3 Alignment?

According to Seatguru, Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 747-400 is the only plane that has a 3-4-3 seat alignment.

All other planes either follow a 3-3-3 seat alignment or a 2-3-2 seat alignment. Thankfully, these flights do go trans-Atlantic and can therefore be used for your voyage to Walt Disney Worls or Universal Studios, amongst other places in the continental United States.

While the seating map is usually accurate, we still recommend consulting with Virgin Atlantic and getting your seats checked beforehand for the best experience. 

How To Book Virgin Airline 3-4-3 Seat

You can book a 3-4-3 Virgin Airline seat with no additional cost by looking at the seating map. Contrary to popular opinion, the entire seating map may not be very accurate at times and may not let you reserve the seats you require.

In those cases, we recommend contacting Virgin Airlines and letting them know of your particular situation and what type of seating arrangement is required. They’re then bound to guide you and reserve that particular arrangement.

If your plane/flight does not have that particular arrangement, you can also ask them for a flight number that does have the seating arrangement you require. However, if you’ve already reserved your tickets for some other flight, you will have to pay some charges depending on the two flights.  

Me Onboard A Virgin Trans Atlantic Flight August 2022

Do I Need To Pay Extra For Virgin Airline 3-4-3 Seat

No, you do not need to pay extra for a Virgin Airline 3-4-3 seat configuration. However, if you aren’t vigilant, you may be overcharged at times.

As a general rule Virgin has seats near the rear of Economy class that can be pre-booked at no extra charge at the time of booking your vacation.

So, contact Virgin Airline customer support and also pay heed to your booking and reservation confirmation payments and guidelines before you go ahead and process your payment.

The seating map does not define whether you can book these seats for free. However, you absolutely can book certain seats together at no additional charge.

And once again, for extra confirmation, you can always contact Virgin Airlines or your travel agent to concur with them regarding the matter. 

While not present on every plane, Virgin Atlantic does have a 3-4-3 seat configuration allowing you and your family to sit together. If you aren’t aware of that metric though, you might be charged extra for reserving your seats there.

However, do not get ripped off and talk to a customer service agent beforehand to be able to book your seats just like any other.


What Is The Best Place To Sit On A Virgin Atlantic Plane?

The best place to sit on a Virgin Atlantic plane are ones closer to the front of the plane, preferably a window seat.

You’ll be away from the roar of the engines (usually located under the wing), and won’t be tormented by in-aisle chatter and rolling trolleys as you’ll be sitting right next to the window. Plus, the view’s excellent. 

What Are Virgin Premium Seats Like?

Virgin Premium seats are roomy with more recline and legroom compared to economy seats. They don’t lie completely flat like a bed, but they’re still great for a longer flight.

Moreover, you also gain access to a 110V plug alongside a slightly wider infotainment screen with a pull-out footrest.

What Is The Difference Between Economy Classic And Economy Delight On Virgin Flights? 

Economy Delight offers a slightly roomier seat with advanced seat assignment, priority check-in, and boarding. On the other hand, Economy Classic offers a slightly cramped seat with no priority boarding and check-in. 

Have a nice flight (together)

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