Hi, I’m Paul Stamp, the adventurer behind this site! I’m in charge of all content and editing.

I went on my first adventure in 1989 aged just 12 when I flew from the UK to Walt Disney World in Florida with my friend and his family.

From this moment on I became hooked on travel adventures and particularly theme parks!

I have revisited the Disney parks in Florida in 2001 2004 2005 2013 2019 and 2022!

You could say I’m a bit of a fan.

When I’m not planning my own adventure I’m always watching YouTube vloggers like The Tim Tracker.

My personal favorite videos are travel day videos. I just love seeing people planning and getting excited for the next magical adventure!

I started this blog to share all the knowledge I have gained over the past 40+ years of traveling and hope you enjoy looking around the site!

Me taking a break at Epcot

I personally write and edit all the articles that are published on the site, however, I do have some “insiders” with decades of experience with travel that write for the site, be sure to check them out on the author bio pages, you can find them here.

Paul Stamp

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Me and Disney Cast Members August 2022 Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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