Making A Hotel Reservation For Someone Else: Everything You Need To Know?

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: January 7, 2023

You’ll want to arrange your accommodations ahead of time when planning your next getaway. But when traveling with a group, it can be a hassle for everyone to arrange hotels separately. So whether you’re a parent or your group’s travel organizer, you might want to book hotel rooms for everyone.

You can book a hotel room for someone else. Booking will be even more hassle-free when you pay for the room ahead of time using your credit card. Just be ready to present proof of your identification and ownership of the credit card that will be charged for the booking.

Hotels are tightening security measures for online payments, considering the rise in identity theft and credit cards being used falsely. To avoid encountering problems, read the rest of this article to find out everything you need to know about booking a hotel room for someone else.

Can You Book a Hotel Room for Someone Else?

You can book a hotel room for someone else by paying for it ahead of time. Use a credit card under your name or the guest staying in the room. Make sure you have the room listed under the guest’s name, not yours.

The hotel will need you to provide proof of identity for you and your guest for the booking to go through.

When paying for the room in advance using your credit card, you must provide your credit card details and other proofs so the hotel knows that you are authorizing the payment. 

When booking a room for someone else and paying for it in advance using the guest’s credit card, you may need to provide authorization from the credit card owner for the payment to go through. Some hotels are not as strict, though, so long as the credit card details provided are valid and payment is made.

For a simpler method, you can simply request a hotel room reservation under the guest’s name.  Inform the hotel that the guest will settle the charges for the room upon checking in. This type of reservation can usually only be done by calling the hotel directly and not through a hotel’s online booking channels.

Can You Stay in a Hotel Room Booked by Someone Else?

You can stay in a hotel room booked by someone else if they have listed your name as the guest. Upon checking in, you will also be asked to provide identification, such as a government-issued ID card or a credit card with your name.

If the person who booked the hotel room initially listed themselves as the guest but later changed their mind, it’s also possible to transfer the booking to a different person. 

You’ll have to call the hotel directly and request a transfer. Most online booking channels will not be able to accommodate this type of request.

Take note that most payments made to reserve a room are non-refundable. So transferring the reservation to someone else is a much better option than forfeiting the payment made for the room.

If you’re wondering about visiting someone in a hotel room, read this post to find out how you can go about it. 

Do Hotels Require ID?

Hotels require ID for making a reservation, checking in, and checking out. The ID is to verify the identity of the person making the reservation and that of the person staying as a guest.

Proof of identification is necessary for hotels to guarantee that the charges to the hotel will be settled before a guest checks out and that no fraud happens. 

Here are other reasons why hotels require guests to present their IDs:

  • For easier reference and reporting to authorities in case a crime is committed on the premises or if someone staying at the hotel becomes connected to a crime. 
  • To make it easier to demand compensation for damages made to a room.
  • To ensure that you are of legal age.

However, some smaller hotels may not require ID, such as motels or establishments that charge by the hour.

Other Proof of Identification That Hotels May Need

Sometimes, hotels require other proof of identification in special cases, like when you are using a credit card under a different name. To help you prepare for a smooth check-in, here are other documents you may need to show upon arrival.

  • Credit card authorization form. If you’re paying using another person’s credit card, this authorization form will guarantee that you have permission to use the card and that the card was not stolen.
  • Booking information. If you made a booking online, you must present the booking, reservation code, or confirmation number. 

Do You Need the Card That You Booked the Hotel With To Check In?

You don’t need to present the credit card you used to book the hotel to check in. But you will need to provide an ID card upon checking in for the hotel to verify that you are the person listed as a guest. You will need to provide credit card details to settle the hotel charges later. 

If, however, you are using someone else’s credit card to settle hotel room charges, you have to provide a credit card authorization for the hotel to verify that the card is not stolen. 

You can simply use a credit card with your name to avoid any hassle when settling charges before checking out. It’s much easier to verify and does not require any other documentation.

Can I Book an Airbnb for Someone Else?

You can’t book an Airbnb for someone else because it is against Airbnb guidelines unless it’s a business booking. Still, some Airbnb owners allow third-party bookings as long as the person making the booking lists the guests’ names and provides their IDs. 


Booking a hotel room for someone else is easy, especially if you’re paying for the room upfront. Ensure that you have ID proof for yourself and your guest and your credit card details if you’re paying for the room upfront. 

If you’re paying with a credit card that’s not in your name, ensure that you have a credit card authorization form. Remember that different hotels may have varying policies, and it’s best to contact the hotel directly to avoid any issues.