Hotel Room Hunger? DoorDash Has You Covered

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: January 19, 2023

As a 24/7 delivery service, you can order food from DoorDash any time of the day or night. Millions of customers worldwide use this app to get food delivered to their homes or workplaces. Yet, can DoorDash deliver to hotel rooms?

DoorDash can deliver to hotel rooms, but sometimes they cannot due to hotel policy or other circumstances. To help avoid any confusion or mishaps with your order, be sure to include your room number and the full name of the hotel where you are staying.  

In the rest of this article, I’ll discuss ordering food from DoorDash to hotel rooms in more depth. I’ll also provide tips and advice on getting items delivered to the hotel you’re staying at or planning to stay at.  

Can DoorDash Deliver to Hotel Rooms?

The majority of hotels allow DoorDash deliveries to their premises. However, not all of them allow delivery drivers to bring food straight to guests’ rooms.

Here’s a personal tip: ask the receptionist at the hotel you’re staying at whether or not you can have food delivered to your room. 

It’s worth noting that DoorDash partners with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. If you stay at a Wyndham Hotel & Resort property participating in this program, first-time DoorDash customers can save money on their orders. If you’re an existing customer of DoorDash, you will not pay any delivery fees. 

However, some Wyndham Hotels & Resorts have different policies regarding whether or not a driver can deliver food directly to a guest’s room. Guests may order DoorDash delivery to the hotel, but they’ll need to meet the driver, or the front desk may receive the order.

Can You DoorDash to a Marriott Hotel?

You can DoorDash to a Marriott hotel. Yet, many Marriotts do not permit the delivery person to bring the food to your room. The delivery must be left at the front desk, and you will be notified, or the hotel staff will bring it to you. Alternatively, you can receive the delivery in the lobby. 

Still, the easiest way to find out if DoorDash can deliver straight to your hotel room is by contacting the hotel staff and asking them.

Can You DoorDash to a Hilton Hotel?

You can DoorDash to a Hilton hotel. Yet, some Hilton properties might not allow delivery drivers to go directly to their guest’s rooms. In this case, inform reception that you ordered a DoorDash delivery to come to the hotel. Provide them with the name of the restaurant and the time it is expected.

Nonetheless, you can DoorDash to any Hilton hotel, including those near Walt Disney World. Just remember always to check the local food delivery policies of the hotel. Sometimes, the delivery might be left at the front desk, or customers may need to pick up their food in the lobby. 

Does DoorDash Deliver Straight to Hotel Rooms?

DoorDash does deliver straight to hotel rooms. Contact reception before placing your order to confirm the hotel policies, and be sure to provide DoorDash with your room number. Keep in mind that other circumstances may prevent DoorDash drivers from being willing to bring food directly to your room. 

If the delivery driver leaves the food with the staff, they should take a picture of the delivery and text it to the customer. This will serve as proof that the order was delivered to the hotel.

The policies surrounding food delivery differ at each hotel. Some hotels may have no problem with guests getting food delivered straight to their rooms, while other hotels may require deliveries to be left at the front desk or picked up from the DoorDash driver in the lobby.

Can You Order DoorDash to Las Vegas Hotel Rooms?

You can order DoorDash to some Las Vegas hotel rooms. Yet, in Las Vegas, parking can be a challenge for delivery drivers. Due to this, you may need to meet the driver outside or in the lobby. Some hotels have an area specifically for rideshares where guests can pick up their food. 

Bear in mind that there are many hotels in Las Vegas, especially on the Strip. When you place your order, make sure you note the exact name of the hotel you’re staying at in Vegas to avoid any confusion. Along with your room number, it could also be helpful to provide additional instructions for the driver, if necessary.

Tips for Ordering via DoorDash From Your Hotel

When placing a DoorDash order from your hotel, here are a few tips to consider: 

  • Inform the front desk: You should inform the front desk that you have food being delivered. The staff might let the driver go directly to your room. If this isn’t the option, you’ll be told what to do.  
  • Specify the name of the hotel you’re staying at: Your delivery driver may not know they are going to a hotel if you just enter the hotel’s address and not its name. 
  • Give your room number: When placing your order, provide your room number to DoorDash. If you don’t do this, the driver might not attempt to find out what your room number is. In turn, you may not get your food in time or at all. 
  • Provide your full name to DoorDash: To make things as easy as possible for your driver, you’ll want to provide your full name when you place your order. You don’t want the driver to arrive at the hotel and only have your first name, as there may be several other guests with the same first name. 
  • Provide additional instructions: If you know that you can’t receive deliveries to your room, be sure to provide additional instructions to inform the driver where you’ll meet them. 

Final Thoughts

DoorDash delivers virtually anywhere and has no specific policies against delivering to hotels and hotel rooms. However, whether or not you can get food delivered to your hotel room depends on the particular hotel where you’re staying. Keep the previously discussed tips in mind if you’re planning on getting DoorDash delivered to your hotel to avoid any issues.

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