Can I Buy A Sunpass At Orlando International Airport?




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When it comes to visiting a different state or city, you probably want to make your trip as simple and smooth as possible.

Therefore, finding a convenient way for dealing with tolls is of crucial importance, and purchasing a SunPass might be the smartest option for this purpose.

So, can you buy a SunPass at Orlando International Airport, and how can you properly use it? 

Orlando International and Orlando Sanford do not offer the option to buy a SunPass at the airport. However, you can purchase a SunPass online before you head to Florida, or you can find them at rest stops, Florida Welcome Centres, Amscot, and so on. You can use the SunPass for tolls, and also for parking.

You have heard about SunPass, now you might be wondering how they work and where you can find them.

In this article, I will provide all the information that you need to know about SunPass transponders.

You will learn where you can purchase a SunPass, and in what ways you can use the transponder, so your trip would be more convenient and easy. 

Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport Main Terminal

What Is A SunPass At MCO Airport?

A SunPass is a transponder that you obtain in order to resolve your problem with pay tolls once you are on the road.

That means that you don’t have to think about possessing cash while traveling and wasting time in lines to pay the tolls on the toll roads. Once you purchase a SunPass, you will have to activate and install it, and you are ready to go. 

Here’s a popular YouTube video that shows how to install and activate a SunPass

There are two options that you can choose from – SunPass Mini and SunPass Pro.

SunPass Mini vs Sun Pass Pro

  • The difference between SunPass Mini and SunPass Pro, is that SunPass Mini can be used for tolls and parking fees, but it is not movable. On the other hand, SunPass Pro offers you the chance to use the transponder for the same purposes but in different vehicles.

So, you can use it for your car, but then move it to your motorcycle, for instance, simple as that. 

Once you activate your transponder, you put it in a visible place on your car, and then you just pass through SunPass lanes.

  • The SunPass lanes are equipped in a way, so they can automatically charge you and deduce a certain amount of money from your prepaid toll account.

Many people use the SunPass transponders for passing tolls quickly and without waiting in line, but also for the low prices of toll roads that these transponders provide. 

Besides using the SunPass transponders for paying tolls, you can also use them to pay for parking fees.

Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport

This option is not possible for all parking spots across Florida, however, you can certainly use your SunPass on the Orlando International parking since the airport has enabled this option for users.

Therefore, you will park the same way you always do, but when you leave you would have to use the SunPass lanes. 

So, instead of wasting time paying for the parking at the airport, you will just have your SunPass scanned, and the fee would be deducted from your prepaid account.

Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport Main Terminal

Purchase Price: Can You Buy A SunPass At Orlando International Airport? 

Unfortunately, Orlando International Airport does not sell SunPass transponders on the premises.

Although it would be convenient to have the SunPass as soon as you leave the airport, that option is not available this way. This also refers to the smaller airport in Orlando,(Orlando Sanford), so do not expect to find a place for buying SunPass there since you do not have that chance at your disposal. 

Check out this article that discusses the main differences between these two airports.

However, if you want to buy your SunPass transponder before you head to Orlando, you might consider the option of purchasing it online.

Where can I buy a Sunpass

Many people tend to do this since they find online shopping convenient, but also they want to be prepared beforehand. Therefore, if you want to settle the matter before you fly to Orlando MCO Airport, you can buy your transponder at the official website of SunPass

Here’s a useful video that shows how to drive from Orlando MCO Airport International Airport to the Walt Disney World Area.

If you do not have the chance to buy your SunPass online due to various reasons, there are a lot of places where you can obtain one physically.

There are a lot of places around Florida that sell SunPass, so you can easily find one before you come across a toll roads paystation.

Usually, they are sold through vending machines, meaning that you will easily find one since vending machines are everywhere. 

The usual places with vending machines that sell SunPass transponders are rest areas, Florida Welcome Centers, gas stations, Publix Grocery Stores, or Amscot Services.

However, you need to take into consideration that in order to use your SunPass in the correct way and benefit those sunpass savings, you will need to activate it and register online. In other words, make sure that you have an internet connection at the place you intend to buy your transponder. 

  • If you are eager to obtain a SunPass once you leave the airport, the closest retailer would be an Amscot that is two miles north of the Orlando International Airport.

So, if you are headed north, this would be your closest stop where you can obtain a SunPass transponder. However, there are also a lot of rest areas along the way that possess vending machines, so you will certainly have the option to purchase a SunPass at one of them. 

Alamo Car Rental Orlando International airport
Alamo Orlando International Airport

One more option that you might find convenient is buying a SunPass through your rental car company, even though not all car companies have this option at your disposal.

So, if you are renting a car at the airport, make sure that you inquire about SunPass transponders. If the rental car company that you choose has this option, it will make your trip way easier, and you will not have to look for vending machines alongside the road. 

As you could see, obtaining a SunPass Orlando airport would be quite convenient for your trip. Even though you cannot buy one at the busiest airport (Orlando International Airport), you can easily find a spot where they sell them. So, you can make your traveling easier in a matter of minutes.


Many people get confused between Orlando MCO Airport And Sanford Airport.

I have written an article to help, If you are unsure whether you are landing at Orlando International (Terminal A or Terminal B be sure to check out this article.

Whether you are flying southwest airlines, frontier airlines, or Virgin Atlantic be sure to check out which Airport you land at!

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