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Booking first-class flights can make a significant difference in your travel experience, offering enhanced comfort and exclusive services.

Expedia, a popular online travel agency, provides a platform where travelers can explore various flight options, including first-class tickets. It’s essential to understand the process and benefits of booking first-class flights on Expedia to make the most of your next trip.

Navigating Expedia’s user-friendly interface allows you to compare prices, amenities, and airline-specific loyalty programs to ensure you select the most suitable first-class option.

Moreover, Expedia offers booking support and the possibility to make changes to your reservation, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With additional options for accommodations and transportation, Expedia serves as a one-stop solution for all your travel needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Expedia enables users to book first-class flights, offering a convenient method for comparing prices, amenities, and loyalty programs.
  • Utilizing Expedia’s booking support and accommodation and transportation options provides a comprehensive travel solution.
  • Explore frequently asked questions and additional services to make informed choices and enhance your travel experience.

Booking First Class on Expedia

Search and Filter Options

Expedia offers a variety of first class flight options for different airlines. It is important to note that not all airlines have first class tickets available through Expedia. To efficiently find a suitable first class flight, start by using the search and filter options on the platform.

After entering your departure and destination cities, as well as the travel dates, initiate the search process. To narrow down the results to only first class options, use the class filter and select ‘First Class.’ This action will display available first class flights and their respective prices.

For a more customized search, use the multiple filter options provided by Expedia. Some available filters include specific airlines, departure times, layovers, and more. Fine-tuning your search may help locate the best first class offers, aligning with your preferences.

In addition to searching on Expedia’s website, the platform also has an app that enables bookings through smartphones and tablets. This convenient option allows for easily accessible, on-the-go booking experiences. Keep in mind that prices for first class tickets vary across airlines, so it’s essential to compare different options to find the best deal.

When booking a first-class flight on Expedia, remember that factors such as promotions, flexible travel dates, and bundled packages may affect ticket prices. Utilizing these factors strategically could contribute to potential savings on your first class booking.

Comparing Prices and Amenities

When booking a first-class flight on Expedia, it’s essential to compare prices and amenities. Different airlines offer various levels of comfort, so research is crucial.

Expedia makes it easy to filter by “First Class” under the “Class of Service” option. This shows all available first-class flights that fit your search criteria.

Consider the fares carefully, as first-class pricing can vary. Look for deals and promotions, which can lead to significant savings. Be flexible with your dates, as this can affect the ticket cost.

Examining frequent flyer programs is also helpful. Some airlines allow you to use your miles to upgrade to first class, providing substantial savings. Ensure that flights booked through Expedia are eligible for earning miles.

Amenities play a significant role in the first-class experience. The level of luxury is not the same across airlines. Some offer lie-flat seats, while others provide only extra legroom.

In-flight entertainment and dining options are other factors to review. Premium offerings can elevate your experience, making your trip more enjoyable.

Lastly, when traveling, consider also comparing hotel choices. Expedia offers a wide range of hotels that cater to various budgets and preferences. Choosing the right accommodation can enhance your overall travel experience.

First class flight cabin

Loyalty Programs and Upgrades

Expedia Rewards

Expedia Rewards is a loyalty program that allows you to earn points on bookings made through You can earn 1 point for every $1 spent on hotels, cars, packages, and activities, and 1 point per $5 spent on flights. These points can be accumulated and then used for potential savings or flight upgrades, depending on availability.

Expedia Rewards also offers tiered membership levels, with each level providing more benefits and perks, such as bonus points and exclusive access to discounted rates. Your earned points don’t expire as long as there’s activity on your account within the past 18 months.

Airlines’ Loyalty Programs

Many airline loyalty programs offer the opportunity to earn points that can be used for flight upgrades, including first class flights. When booking through Expedia, you can still earn points for your airline’s loyalty program while also earning Expedia Rewards points.

To upgrade to first class using your loyalty points, it’s essential to check with the airline for specific rules, upgrade availability, and required points. Additionally, airlines may offer other methods for upgrading, such as bidding on available upgrades or paying a fee to secure a first-class seat. Remember, upgrading to first class depends on factors like your loyalty status, the fare class of your purchased ticket, and the availability of first-class seats on your desired flight.

Saving Money on First Class

Discounts and Deals

Expedia offers various discounts and promotion codes for flights and hotels, which can also apply to first-class flights. Booking from your Expedia account earns you Expedia Rewards that can be converted into dollars for future bookings.

Using Kayak to compare prices before booking can also help you save money. Additionally, car rental deals and Travel search discounts may add up to your overall savings.

Multi-City and Roundtrip Options

Choosing roundtrip and multi-city options can lower the cost of first-class flights. These options allow you to save on travel by bundling flights and accommodations together.

Booking at least seven days in advance can help secure cheaper first-class tickets. Experts suggest even booking three weeks ahead of the departure date for the best deals. Mobile bookings may offer special discounts and convenient ways to keep track of your bookings, while Citigroup cardholders might access exclusive offers.

Booking Support and Possible Changes

Customer Support

When booking a first-class ticket on Expedia, you can expect confident and knowledgeable customer support. As an online travel agency, Expedia helps customers book flights, including first-class options, for many airlines. For any inquiries or concerns about your booking, Expedia has a dedicated customer service team available to provide assistance.

Change Policies

If you need to change or cancel your first-class ticket, Expedia offers policies that can help facilitate this process. Some changes may have specific rules depending on the travel provider or airline, so be sure to review the details of your booking. When booking directly through Expedia, customers have the flexibility to change their flights by logging into their Expedia account or by contacting the customer support team.

However, keep in mind that certain airlines and travel providers may have their own rules and restrictions when it comes to change policies, such as additional fees or limited availability for first-class seat upgrades. To avoid potential complications, make sure to customize your booking according to your needs and check with your travel provider or agent for more information on their policies.

Expedia’s Accommodation and Transportation Options

Expedia offers a wide range of accommodation and transportation options for travelers, making it easy to find the perfect combination for your trip. You can book first class flights for added luxury and comfort.

Aside from flights, Expedia also provides options for booking cruises and rental cars, allowing you to explore your destination at your own pace. Plus, with their vast selection of accommodations, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay.

When booking with Expedia, you can also benefit from their Expedia Rewards program. This system allows you to earn points on eligible bookings and redeem them for discounts on future trips.

With Expedia, you can easily customize your travel package with different combinations of flights, hotels, and car rentals. Their flexible search tool lets you find the best rates and options based on your desired departure date and destination.

Furthermore, by booking all your travel elements together through Expedia’s packages, you often receive discounts and other perks. This can result in significant savings compared to booking each component separately.

For those looking to enhance their travel experience even more, Expedia offers a range of activities to discover at your destination. From cultural tours to adventure outings, there are plenty of options to suit your interests.

Overall, Expedia provides numerous options for travelers to create their ideal trip. Whether you’re looking for first class tickets or want to explore your destination with a rental car, Expedia’s vast selection ensures that you can travel in style and within your budget.

Additional Services and Features

Excursions and Activities

Expedia offers a wide range of excursions and activities to enhance your travel experience. Options vary from business class one-way tickets to complete travel packages including stays and attraction tickets.

Travel Packages

Booking a travel package on Expedia can provide additional savings and simplify your trip planning. These packages often include flight, hotel, and sometimes even car rental options. Payment information is securely processed and travelers can opt for cash or credit/debit cards.


Expedia allows you to book various types of stays, such as hotels, resorts, or vacation rentals. These accommodations can be selected based on your preferences for security, legroom, and additional amenities. Upgrade discounts may occasionally be available for specific properties.

By exploring Expedia’s additional services and features, customers can conveniently plan their air travel, accommodations, and activities all in one place. Diverse options in terms of cabins, booking preferences, and payment methods allow for a personalized travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Expedia offer first class tickets?

Yes, Expedia does offer first class tickets for some airlines. Remember that not all airlines have first class options through Expedia.

How much do first class tickets cost on Expedia?

The cost of first class tickets on Expedia varies depending on factors like airline, destination, and time of booking. It’s advisable to compare prices and deals on the platform to find the right pricing.

Can I find cheap first class flights on Expedia?

Yes, it’s possible to find affordable first class flights on Expedia. Make use of Expedia’s flexible dates feature and be on the lookout for ongoing deals and promotions to save on booking costs.

What airlines have first class options on Expedia?

Expedia has first class options for many airlines. However, the availability of first class tickets relies on the airline policies and partnerships with Expedia. Search and filter options to find first class offerings for your selected airlines.

How do I purchase first class tickets on Expedia?

Purchasing first class tickets on Expedia is simple. Search for your desired flight, filter the options for first class, select the suitable ticket, and follow the booking process on the platform.

Is it possible to upgrade to first class through Expedia?

Yes, you can upgrade to first class on Expedia for many airlines. The process for upgrading generally involves selecting your desired flight, completing the booking, and following airline-specific steps to request an upgrade.

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