Drinking Water At Disney Parks: Everything You Need To Know To Stay Safe

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 31, 2023

Going on vacation is exciting and rewarding, especially when you’re visiting a destination as captivating as Walt Disney World. But, staying hydrated isn’t always as simple as opening a faucet, and it often requires some alternative approaches.

So, can you drink water at Walt Disney World?

Water is generally safe to drink at Walt Disney World, as the water goes through effective treatment processes to be safe for consumption. Most people bring bottles to refill at water fountains or taps. However, people may suffer from tummy issues depending on their system’s sensitivity. 

Although drinking the water from Walt Disney World’s water fountains and taps is usually safe and harmless, there are quite a few things to consider when organizing your hydration plans.

Join us as we discuss the water source at Walt Disney World and the surrounding area so you can be fully prepared for what awaits you. 

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Can You Drink Water at Walt Disney World Resort?

Yes, the water at Walt Disney World is perfectly safe for consumption. The water goes through an extensive treatment process to ensure it’s safe for consumption and personal usage.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires the following: 

 “…all chemicals added to drinking water and all system components that come in contact with drinking water be certified under ANSI/NSF Standards 60 and 61. These standards ensure that there are no harmful chemicals inadvertently added to the drinking water supply.”

Water contaminants at high levels are considered a threat by the Environmental Protection Agency. But, those found in the water at Walt Disney World only reach 3% of that level.

If there is ever a situation where the water has been contaminated in any way, the area will receive a ‘boil water notice’, similar to most places in the world. However, various additives are used for treatment in the water, which some people may have reactions to.

Most people in the area are already accustomed to the water and would not see any unpleasant side effects after drinking. On the other hand, some people may fall ill or have a bad tummy after drinking the water. 

Such people include those with sensitive digestive systems or those foreign to the area. So, if you are coming from a different region, you may want to think twice about drinking the water or at least give it a test before downing an entire bottle. 

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Why Does the Water at Walt Disney World Taste Bad?

Despite the water being technically safe to drink, many people question its suitability for consumption. Those who have visited Walt Disney World Resort and those who live in the area can all agree that the water has a distinctive and unpleasant taste.

The taste has been described as sulfuric, chemical-like, or resembling rotten eggs. However, there is a reasonable explanation for the odd taste. 

I have written an article on the Dasani water sold at Disney parks and Disney resorts because it actually makes me more thirsty! You can read it here.

Natural Causes -Why does Disney water taste bad?

Florida encounters flash rainstorms all the time, not just in Orlando. When this occurs, rainwater leaks into vegetation which causes organic residue.

The substance that forms eventually evolves into sulfur water. Although the substance is not toxic or harmful for consumption, it does cause many guests and even residents to reconsider drinking the water in the area.

The government can do absolutely nothing to stop the development of sulfur water, as it’s caused by the rain, which of course cannot be stopped. 

Water Treatment At Disney Parks

Another reason is the treatment that it goes through before reaching the taps and water fountains. Walt Disney World tests and treats the water themselves.

Walt Disney World utilizes a very complicated RCID water purification system, leaving various strange tastes and smells in the water. They have one of the most stringent water filtration systems in the world. Some homeowners have even installed their own systems.

Take a look at this YouTube video on how it’s done.

Depending on what area of the park you are in at the time, the water may have a sulfuric taste mixed with a metallic taste caused by iron, copper, or zinc concentration, even the Magic Kingdom can’t escape that fact!

Additions such as these impact the odor, color, and taste of the water. But, it does not make it harmful or toxic for drinking or personal usage. 

Can You Drink Water in a Disney Orlando Villa?

While it may be safe to drink water from a water fountain at Walt Disney World, hotel rooms and villas are slightly more questionable. That’s not to say it’s unsafe, but Disney parks has strengthened the filtration process in areas where they expect their guests will need to drink the water.

This is much more prevalent in areas around the park and not so much within accommodation sites. Since the entire area experiences sulfuric taste problems, the same can be said for Disney Orlando villas and hotels in the area.

Additionally, the resorts have to deal with issues and complexities that are unique compared to those of the park itself. These challenges make it incredibly difficult or impossible to remove many of the sulfates in the water. 

Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom

But, these are all just minerals that don’t necessarily cause harm. Still, there is debate concerning whether there are legitimate issues with the water or if it’s purely based on preference.

Although it’s deemed safe, most people choose to use tap water for personal use like showering and brushing their teeth. Thankfully, there are quite a few alternative approaches for ensuring clean and drinkable water. 

How To Make Sure Water is Safe at Walt Disney World?

Many people can have a perfectly enjoyable trip simply drinking straight out of the taps, but many may be overwhelmed with concern and worry.

This is understandable, and you want to make sure you and your family are properly protected from any potential illnesses – even if it’s just a tummy cramp. 

Some visitors to bring pre-frozen bottles of water from supermarkets, but this may put a dent in your budget.

The most budget-friendly approach is to bring along a filtering or purifying water bottle and refill it at free water fountains and taps in the Walt Disney World park. The tap water at the Starbucks and Joffrey’s locations tastes better than many other areas.

Although the overall appeal of the water at Walt Disney World Resort may be startling or concerning, it’s perfectly safe to drink.

Tens of thousands of people drink this water each day at the Magic Kingdom without trouble at Disney parks. But, if you’re skeptical, there’s nothing wrong with bringing along a filter bottle! That way, you can rest easy knowing you’re drinking clean water without breaking the bank. 

Why Does Disney World Water Taste Bad?

In Walt Disney World Florida, the water can sometimes have a slightly unpleasant taste due to the high mineral content and chlorine used in the treatment process.

Additionally, the water can sometimes have a slightly earthy or musty taste due to the presence of algae or other organic matter in the water supply. However, the water is still considered safe to drink and meets all federal and state drinking water standards.