Can You Have Tattoos and Work for Virgin Atlantic: Unveiling the Policy

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  • Date: May 16, 2023

When considering a career with Virgin Atlantic, you might be wondering about their policies on tattoos. Fortunately, Virgin Atlantic is among the most lenient airlines worldwide when it comes to visible tattoos, which allows employees to express their individuality while working in uniform.

Whether you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant or pilot, you’ll find that Virgin Atlantic permits an unlimited number of tattoos visible while in uniform.

This progressive approach encourages people from diverse backgrounds to join and contribute to their vibrant corporate culture.

You’ll be pleased to know that this policy update not only benefits employees who wish to display their tattoos but also those with full-arm tattoos, who previously had to wear long-sleeved coverings.

Embrace your uniqueness and pursue your career with Virgin Atlantic, where they value self-expression and individuality.

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Economy Class On Virgin Atlantis

Virgin Atlantic and Tattoos

In recent years, Virgin Atlantic has established a more accommodating tattoo policy for its employees.

This policy is considered to be one of the most lenient in the airline industry.


As a Virgin Atlantic employee, you can have tattoos and still work for the airline, considering some limitations.

Cabin crew members, pilots, and other employees have certain restrictions on the visibility and size of their tattoos.


Your tattoos must not be offensive or inappropriate in any way in order to adhere to the policy.

The size of visible tattoos should not exceed that of your work badge.

Visible Tattoos

Crew members with full-arm tattoos, for instance, may now wear standard short-sleeved shirts instead of long-sleeved shirts covering the tattoos.

This change has allowed employees to showcase their individuality while still maintaining a professional appearance.

Championing Individuality

Virgin Atlantic is known for celebrating and encouraging individuality among its staff.

By permitting visible tattoos, the airline is breaking away from typical industry norms and supporting self-expression among its employees.

Uniform and Presentation

Cabin Crew

As a cabin crew member at Virgin Atlantic, you’re allowed to have visible tattoos. Just ensure that your tattoos aren’t offensive or explicit in nature.

Virgin Atlantic takes pride in well-groomed, professional employees who represent their brand.

Flight Attendant

If you’re a flight attendant, you can also showcase your tattoos without having to cover them.

However, make sure they align with the company’s tattoo policy, which stresses inoffensive and non-controversial designs.


Your uniform should be neat, clean, and well-maintained, following Virgin Atlantic’s guidelines.

Short-sleeved shirts are permitted for those with full-arm tattoos, providing a more comfortable working environment for tattooed crew members.


Adding to the professional appearance, makeup should be tasteful and applied in moderation.

It should enhance your natural features and adhere to the company’s appearance guidelines.

Uniformed Virgin Atlantic Employee

All uniformed Virgin Atlantic employees, including pilots, are welcome to display tattoos while wearing the company’s uniform.

Remember to uphold the same non-offensive tattoo standards and presentation guidelines when representing the brand.

Me On a Virgin Atlantic Flight
Me onboard a Virgin Atlantic Flight

Inclusion and Diversity

At Virgin Atlantic, they prioritize inclusion and diversity in the workplace, embracing the unique qualities of their employees, such as tattoos.

The airline is known for being one of the most lenient worldwide in terms of visible tattoos for its flight attendants and pilots.

Estelle Hollingsworth

Estelle Hollingsworth, a key figure at Virgin Atlantic, has played a crucial role in promoting the airline’s inclusive policies.

Under her guidance, the brand has made progressive changes that benefit employees with tattoos, such as updating their uniform policy.


Inclusion is an important aspect of the workplace culture at Virgin Atlantic, ensuring that all employees feel valued and respected.

By allowing crew members to openly display their tattoos, the airline fosters an inclusive environment that celebrates individuality.


Diversity at Virgin Atlantic goes beyond ethnicity and gender, extending to the unique characteristics each employee brings to the team.

Recognizing tattoo art as a form of self-expression and personal identity, the airline embraces diversity by allowing staff to proudly display their ink.

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat layout
Onboard Virgin Atlantic

UK Airline

As a leading UK airline, Virgin Atlantic is pioneering change among its peers by implementing inclusive policies such as those related to tattoos.

Their commitment to inclusion and diversity sets a positive example for other airlines and organizations within the industry.

Industry Regulations and Competitors

British Airline

When it comes to Virgin Atlantic, you can be proud to display your tattoos. This British airline is one of the most lenient airlines globally regarding visible tattoos for cabin crew and pilots.

Tattoo policies vary for different airlines, so it’s important to be aware of other competitors’ regulations when considering a career in the industry.

British Airways

For instance, British Airways has stricter regulations on visible tattoos. You are required to cover any tattoos that may be visible while wearing their uniform.

However, British Airways continues to update its policies, so you might see changes in the future.

United Airlines

United Airlines permits small, discreet tattoos. They must not be visible in the standard uniform, which means they must be covered by clothing or makeup.

United’s policy emphasizes professionalism, so your tattoos should align with that focus.


Various airlines have different rules and regulations regarding employee appearance, including tattoos. Keep in mind that regulations can change over time and may vary across countries.

Always research and confirm the specific tattoo policies of the airline you are considering applying to, ensuring a successful employment process.

Embracing Individuality

In celebration of International Flight Attendants Day, Virgin Atlantic’s commitment to empowering its employees shines through its inclusive tattoo policy.

Virgin Atlantic Ic lolly
My (free) Ice Lolly On My Virgin Atlantic Flight

International Flight Attendants Day

As you enjoy this special day, remember that Virgin Atlantic appreciates the unique identities and personal expressions of flight attendants. Your tattoos are a symbol of your individuality.

Show Their Tattoos with Pride

Virgin Atlantic allows customer-facing employees, including flight attendants and pilots, to display visible tattoos with pride. A strict ban on facial and neck tattoos still applies.

Bear in mind that inappropriate or controversial designs should be covered up to maintain the company’s professional image.


Virgin Atlantic’s inclusive approach enables you to bring your true self to work. Whether you’re part of the cabin crew or a pilot, this policy fosters a sense of belonging and acceptance.

By embracing individuality, Virgin Atlantic upholds a welcoming and diverse environment for both employees and passengers alike.

Media Coverage and Perspectives

The Guardian

In a coverage by The Guardian, Virgin Atlantic’s tattoo friendly policy is highlighted, showcasing its embrace of individuality and self-expression. The report states that crew members with visible tattoos, such as full-arm tattoos, are now allowed to wear the standard short-sleeved shirt instead of a long-sleeved version, which was previously required.

By allowing crew members to showcase their tattoos, Virgin Atlantic sets a positive example and embraces diversity in the aviation industry. This policy change allows employees to be more comfortable in their work environment and reflect the airline’s dedication to inclusivity.

Josie Hopkins

As an outspoken advocate for changes in the airline dress code, Josie Hopkins praises Virgin Atlantic’s new tattoo policy. She believes it demonstrates a strong commitment towards embracing diversity and making employees feel comfortable and accepted in their workplace.

Being a strong proponent of inclusivity, Hopkins encourages more airlines to follow in Virgin Atlantic’s footsteps and adopt a more lax approach to tattoos, eliminating unnecessary restrictions that limit self-expression for those in the industry.

Terry Nunn

Terry Nunn, an industry expert, also welcomes Virgin Atlantic’s approach to visible tattoos. He emphasizes that as a company famously known for its innovative and forward-thinking policies, Virgin Atlantic’s latest decision aligns with its reputation and commitment to inclusivity.

In Nunn’s opinion, Virgin Atlantic sends a powerful message to other airlines: it is possible to implement new policies while maintaining a professional image and providing excellent service to passengers. Nunn sees this as an opportunity for other airlines to consider their own policies and embrace individuality.

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