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Airports and their security systems and policies can sometimes be a nightmare, and often you may end up leaving items behind due to various prohibitions.

Many airports have different rules about what you can bring with you and in your carry-on luggage on board, so you may wonder whether you can pass with your pins through the security scanner or not.

So, are you allowed to bring Disney pins on a plane, or are there any prohibitions for things like these? 

As a general rule, jewelry and clothes that have high metal content trigger the scanner, so you may be asked to take them off. However, Disney pins do not possess a lot of metal in their structure and they are not considered dangerous objects. So, you should not have any issues when passing through security.

It’s always smart to plan ahead how you will pass the airport security as fast as you can, so it is a good idea to inform yourself about the things that are allowed on the plane prior to your flight.

In this article you will read about how you are allowed to travel with your Disney pins, so you will not need to worry about leaving them behind at the airport.

Also, we’ll discuss some additional information about Disney pins, so if you are a fan of these things, you will really find this article helpful. 

Can You Bring Disney Pins On A Plane? 

If you travel a lot by plane, you are probably fed up with security checks and scanners, so you always try to get that part done as fast as possible.

Also, you probably know that the safest way to achieve this is by not wearing a lot of metal things on yourself. That way you will not have to take them off, and you will be done in a minute. 

However, if it is your first time taking Disney pins on a plane, you might not be sure whether you are allowed to bring them on a plane, wear them on you, or carry them in your hand luggage.

Firstly, you may be concerned about the metal content they possess, and secondly, whether they are allowed on the plane since they usually have sharp ends. Therefore, you may wonder whether if you take them with you, you will be forced to leave them behind at the airport. 

Luckily, Disney pins should not be an issue for most airports around the world. Therefore, you can safely take them on the plane with you, and you should not worry about how many of them you decide to take. However, where you carry them might prolong your time to pass the security check. 

For instance, if you decide to put several pins on your clothes, you might be asked to take them off and put them in a tray.

Possessing a lot of pins on your attire while passing the security check may trigger the alarm since they consist of metal parts. However, one pin on your jacket should not be a problem, and you can freely pass the scanner without taking it off. 

On the other hand, if you carry many Disney pins in your carry-on luggage, you should not have any issues.

They are not considered dangerous objects, so you can freely take them on the flight. Nonetheless, you should expect that if you are in some more strict airports with really tight rules, the security officers might ask you to take them out for a quick routine check. 

Take a look at this useful video on how to get started with your pin trading! Personally,/ I love pin trading and find it a lot of fun when I visit the parks! I get to meet some extra cast members!

What About Disney Pins With Sharp Ends? 

As I mentioned before, although Disney pins have sharp ends, Disney pins are not regarded as sharp or dangerous objects.

Usually, sharp objects that have an end longer than 6 cm are prohibited on flights, although they do not have a particular rule about pins. However, Disney pins do not have endings longer than 6 cm, and they usually have a stopper, making them harmless. 

Airports do not consider pins as possible weapons that might impose some danger. Instead, they are regarded as jewelry, meaning that you can take them with you without worrying that they will be taken away from you. 

Best Place To Trade And Sell Disney Pins

If you are trying to find the best place where you can sell or trade your Disney pins, the first place where you can try your luck is the social networks.

There are a lot of Facebook and Instagram groups where people share their Disney pins, along with their prices for sell, or with their conditions for trade.

Another good place for this purpose would be a consignment shop considering that they are not only intended for clothes and antiques. 

If you are able to find that kind of shop, you could offer them for sale for which you are going to get a certain amount of money, i.e. the one you get in the deal with the owner.

However, make sure that you do your homework about the prices that you will offer. In other words, make sure that you inform yourself about the value of the pins before you put them for sale. 

Lastly, you can try selling your Disney pins on online auctions. These are quite popular nowadays, so you might earn some good money there. 

How Does Disney Pin Trading Work?

The Disney pin trading offers a lot of fun and excitement, and it is really basic and simple.

You will need to visit Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, or Walt Disney World, and there you will need to find a cast member with a Disney pins lanyard.

You will have to choose the pin you desire, then show the one that you want to trade to the cast member, and you will get yourself a new pin to take home. 

Disney pins are quite popular collectibles, and people of all ages enjoy trading and collecting them.

If you intend to take them on a plane, you can be sure that they are perfectly safe and allowed on flights, so you should not worry that they will impose some issues on you at the airport. 

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