Disney World For Pet Lovers: Can You Bring Your Pet Inside

When we have a special animal in our life, we want to share our world with them. Does that mean we can also share our visit to the Disney World parks?

Your dogs are welcome to visit Orlando but they will not be allowed to enter the Disney World parks. No animals, aside from registered service animals, can enter any of the theme parks, including Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Epcot, and Disney Hollywood Studios.

That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that your dog, cat, lizard, or other animals can’t be part of your trip to the Orlando area.

In fact, there are a number of interesting options available that you may want to consider.

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I would also mention that we are not here to debate how important a comfort animal is to us. Emotional support animals can help us in many different ways, but we are not going by our rules, we need to go by Disney’s rules. That is why it is important to look beyond our feelings and learn the truth.

Recently I waited 20 minutes to pass through the parking booth at Disney’s Magic Kingdom park as a park guest attempted to take an emotional support cat into the park.

Throughout this article, you will find a number of interesting ways that you can share your vacation with your pet.

Even though you can’t bring them into the same parks, there are some options for bringing them to Disney, especially if you choose the right resort hotel.

Which Disney Park Resort Hotels Are Pet Friendly?

We do know that there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels throughout the Orlando area but are any of them found on Disney property?

There are over 25 different Walt Disney World resorts in the Orlando area but only four of them are pet friendly. If you want to bring your dog on vacation, you have to stay at one of these four locations.

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort – Additional $50 per night charge.

Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Additional $50 per night charge.

Cabins at Disney Ft Wilderness Resort – Additional $50 per night charge.

Disney’s Yacht Club Resort – Additional $75 per night charge

There are also a number of other things you should know about this pet policy. It actually hasn’t been in place all that long, so things may change but for now, consider the following:

Disney will only allow two dogs per room and not every room in the hotel is dog friendly. There are certain floors and sections of the resort hotel dedicated to bringing your pet. You cannot take them to other areas of the hotel.

In order to make things as comfortable as possible for your furry friend, Disney has access to green areas and other open areas so you can exercise your pet and they can relieve themselves.

Sorry to all cat owners, but only dogs are allowed.

Since you pay the extra daily charge to have your pet with you, you get free access to Best Friends Pet Care, which is located on Disney property. Although it is not Disney-owned, it is Disney-approved.

When you check in, you will also get a number of pet-friendly items in what has been called the ‘Pluto’s Welcome Kit.’

Are Emotional Support Dogs Allowed At Disney World?

One of the questions that many people ask when they come to Disney is if they can bring their emotional support animal. Will they make it past the gate?

Emotional support animals are not allowed at the four Disney theme parks in the Orlando area. The only animals that are allowed past the gate are those that provide services to disabled individuals.

This can be very disturbing to individuals who rely on their emotional support animals due to stress and other issues.

Quite honestly, most of us would like to have our dog by our side to enjoy a vacation as we are also enjoying it.

The best choice you can make is to call Disney in advance. Don’t show up at the gate with an emotional support animal and expect that they will simply open the gate and allow you in.

Not only is it going to typically result in an uncomfortable conversation with the Disney employee (or multiple employees), but it’s also going to delay your entry into the park. Considering the price of a theme park ticket, you don’t want any unnecessary delay.

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What Kind Of Animals Can You Take To Disney World?

Since emotional support animals are not permitted, this may make you wonder what type of animals you can bring on vacation. Here is a little information that can be of assistance.

The only animals that can enter a Walt Disney World theme Park are service animals, including a dog or a miniature horse. Those animals are specifically trained to assist and perform tasks for individuals who have a disability.

If you are permitted to bring a service animal into the park, it will have to stay on a harness or leash at all times. The owner will have to have it under control because a cast member cannot maintain or assist by taking control of the animal at any time.

There may be some attractions and rides that are not suitable for animals and they will not be able to get on those attractions. There are some options that may be able to help, including a portable kennel or the Rider Switch program.

The Rider Switch program allows one adult to wait with the non-riders while the rest of the party gets on the attraction. When the other adult comes back, they can swap places.

It is possible to bring a dog to one of the four pet-friendly Disney resort hotels, but the dogs will not be allowed to get in the water. They will have to stay in the designated areas of the hotel.

Can You Board a Pet At Disney World?

For those who are interested in boarding a dog at Disney, there is an option on-site.

Your dogs can enjoy a stay on their own by visiting the Best Friends Pet Hotel. It is open to any Walt Disney World resort guests who have pets along with them as they are traveling.

Your pet can enjoy daytime or overnight boarding, with a number of amenities available. These include luxury suites, vacation villas, and club suites for dogs. Cats can choose from two-level or four-level accommodations.

You can even bring along your small pets, such as reptiles, rodents, and birds. They will require that you provide the enclosure for those animals. The only type of animals they don’t accommodate are primates, venomous pets, or exotic species.