Uber Without Internet Access: Everything You Need To Know

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 18, 2023

When uber was created, the idea was to have users access the services online using the Uber app, which requires the internet.

However, with several adjustments and the consideration for people who may not have a smartphone or access to the internet, there are ways one can use Uber without the internet.

Today, it is possible to request an Uber ride using a text message or a call. This is convenient for people who don’t have a smartphone or constant access to the internet.

Can You Use Uber Without The Internet?

Can you use uber without interne is a popular question among visitors to tourist destinations.

As long as one can access the 2G network that enables the sending and receiving of text messages, it is possible to order a book an Uber.

Uber Cab

How Do I Request Uber Offline?

Without Wi-Fi or data connection, you can still request an uber ride.

There are apps, such as Offline Ride, through which you can order a ride while offline. The apps send an SMS (text message) to make the booking, and normally it is free or with comparatively low charges.

Requesting an Uber through text messages is convenient and affordable, especially when you are moving around a lot. Internet prices tend to be high when roaming, so it is much cheaper to use text messages.

Another way you can request uber offline is through calling. You can get the name and contact details of the driver online and call them up when you need a ride.

In this scenario, the Uber service will ask for a valid payment method. You will also be required to provide valid pickup and drop-off addresses.

  • Also, uber has provided a 1-800 toll-free number that people can call when they need a ride. The feature is operational in some states as of now, such as Arizona.

Using this service requires a text-based phone through which you can receive info about the uber- ETA, driver’s number plate, and driver’s name. When the trip ends, the passenger receives a receipt through SMS.

How Do I Call (Telephone) For An Uber?

Calling is one way you can use uber without the internet. A good number of people do not own smartphones or have access to the internet, so it is nice to have the option to call to order a ride.

To call for an uber, you can use the new feature of the uber company that provides a toll-free number through which you can order a ride.

This toll-free number varies from one state to another, so it is essential to check it out before making the call.

With this feature, you would not need to download the uber app- all the information is transmitted during the call or via text messages.

Third-party services such as GoGoGrandparent also enable people to request an Uber ride by dialing a given number and speaking to an uber operator.

Check out this YouTube video that shows how to book an Uber.

Can You Use Uber Without A Smartphone?

It is possible to use uber without a smartphone. Some people do not own smartphones, and in other situations, the phone’s memory is too low to accommodate the uber app.

If you have a device that can send text messages and make calls, then you are in a good position to enjoy Uber services.

While the initial idea was to have customers request rides through their smartphones, that has changed.

You do not need the Uber app to make a successful order.

You can use whichever device is available to you. You just need to type in m.uber.com, provided you have internet. It could be someone else’s phone, the work computer, or your laptop.

Can You Use Uber If Your Phone Is Off ?

If your phone dies after ordering an uber, the ride will still continue as planned. The uber driver will end the ride when it is complete, and the charges will reflect on his side. In addition, the driver ending the ride will also end the transaction on your side.

The catch here is that you will have to stay where you were when you made the order or where the app indicates your location.

The driver will then find you and complete the requested ride. It is wise to ask for a cable once in the car- competent Uber drivers tend to have them in the car.

Uber app on iPhone

What Is the Difference Between A Taxi and An Uber?

Uber has gained significant popularity over the last decade. Even so, taxis still hold their ground as a common mode of transportation in major cities.

Taxis have also been around for over a century. While both have similar operational principles, such as charging per distance and time traveled, they have glaring differences.

These differences motivate some users to choose one over the other. Note that with a digital-minded generation, the taxi industry is slowly fading away. The primary differences between the two include the following:

Duration of operation: One of the main differences between taxis and Uber is that the former is old-school whereas the latter is pretty recent. Taxis have been operational since the 1800s.

On the other hand, Uber was launched in 2010, so it is slightly over a decade old. Thus, you will find that older people are more likely to use taxis, while millennials are more Uber-inclined.

Rates: Uber has a more predictable pricing model, where it offers the customer an estimated total cost. The final price will depend on the total distance, the time taken, or surge rates, especially during rush hour.

Elsewhere, taxis consider the speed and the flow of traffic when placing a final price.

Way of order: To get a taxi, all you have to do is hail one down. Luckily, they are everywhere, and the chances of spotting one are pretty high.

As for Uber, you use an app, call, or text to order a ride to a specified destination. This makes Uber more convenient and dependable, as you can order for it at the comfort of your home.

Inspection: Taxis have to be inspected annually by the city. A vehicle older than 5 years old must be inspected twice a year before it is allowed to carry passengers.

Uber cars are inspected by third parties auto shops, not the city. Also, they (uber cars) can start operating less than 24 hours after inspection.

Safety: Most taxi drivers have been around for years, and the majority are aged between 40 and 60. They know the safest neighborhoods and routes.

Ubers are more convenient when it comes to the safety of the customer as it is easy to track the driver, their contacts, and the car. Still, neither is completely safe with the elevated levels of criminal activities today.


Can You Use Uber Without The App?

Yes, you can use Uber without the app, but it requires internet access and a web browser.

You can visit the Uber mobile site at m.uber.com and request a ride from there. You will need to log in to your account and enter your pickup location and destination. It is important to note that the mobile site may not have all the features of the app, but it provides a similar experience.

Additionally, some cities may have restrictions on using Uber without the app, so it’s important to check the local rules and regulations before attempting to use the mobile site


Can you use uber without data

No, you cannot use Uber without data. According to Uber’s Help Center, the Uber app requires a data connection to work, either through Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan.

Final Words

While Uber was originally designed to be accessed using the internet, today, people can use the services without necessarily being online.

You do not even need a smartphone to order a ride. As long as your device can send and receive text messages and make calls, you can always request an uber.