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Like any place you visit, Disney has rules and regulations that guide the way people are expected to act when visiting. Included among those rules are those that affect people who smoke or vape.

One of the questions that are often asked about visiting Disney is if you are able to vape at Disney. The short answer is yes, but the actual answer is a little more in-depth than that.

Can You Vape At Walt Disney World?

So, can you vape at disney world?

Disney does allow vaping, but it is only allowed in designated vaping areas. These are the same areas that are set aside for visitors who want to smoke cigarettes, pipes, or cigars.

Essentially, Disney treats vaping the same way as they do smoking. They allow it and you can always have it with you, but you aren’t allowed to actively vape unless you are in the proper area.

Where can you Vape at Disney?

It really depends on what you are doing and where you are at the time.

Resort Areas – Most resort areas have a designated area for smoking and vaping. It isn’t often only limited to a single location but rather, there may be a smoking area outside of each of the resort buildings.

  • Disney has done their part to make sure that it is as convenient as possible for those who want to vape. It may be somewhat of an inconvenience, but to follow the rules and to avoid being penalized, then you must vape in those designated areas.

At resort locations, they also typically have a designated smoking area near the pool. They want their guests to be as comfortable as possible and they don’t want them to have to travel great distances to smoke or vape.

  • No Walt Disney World resort will allow any smoking or vaping inside of the rooms.

You also cannot smoke on the patio or balcony. All of those are designated as smoke-free areas. Most resorts will have a single outside area at each of the buildings where you can smoke or vape.

Theme Parks and Water Parks – There are numerous places where you can smoke or vape in a resort area. You are much more limited when it comes to theme parks and water parks.

All parks in Disney are considered smoke-free environments. At the theme parks, there is no longer any availability for smoking or vaping except a single location found at each of the parks.

Cinderella Castle 2022

You will find the designated smoking and vaping area at the theme parks and water parks located just outside of the entrance gates. Any cast member (employee) can point you in the right direction so you can enjoy your vape.

This may be somewhat of an inconvenience, especially if you want to smoke or vape and you happen to be at the other side of the park. Just try to plan your day out accordingly.

  • Interestingly, if you want to smoke and vape without having a lot of restrictions put on you, there is a property in Disney that allows you to do so.

Vaping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground

The Fort Wilderness Resort or, more specifically, the campground areas do allow for additional locations where you can smoke cigarettes and vape.

You can smoke on the porch of the cabins as well as in designated outdoor smoking locations.

That being said, if you are staying at one of the cabins and not at a campsite, you are not permitted to smoke inside of the cabin. Doing so may end up costing you.

Disney has a complicated history with smoking as Walt Disney was a smoker himself! Take a look at this YouTube video that reveals more.

Can You Get A Vape Through Security At Disney World?

Before we get into whether you are allowed to have a vape pen or other device at Disney, it is important to understand that it also depends on what you are vaping.

If you are intending on just using a vape liquid that would be a substitute for tobacco, then you can carry it on you at all times. You can even bring your vape pen into the theme park and walk around with it out in the open.

The only thing you can’t do is use the vape device on Disney property unless you are at a designated smoking area.

On the other hand, if you are trying to use some type of cannabis, CBD oil, or another narcotic in the vape device, then you will not be able to do so at Disney. According to Disney, they are prohibited. 

Even if it is legalized in the state, Disney has the right to determine what can and cannot enter their private property. There have been numerous cases in which people were arrested for using marijuana at Disney.

If you do vape in such a way, it is best if you leave it at home. Disney has strict rules establish that prevent you from using it or having it on your person.

  • Ignoring this Disney rule may cost you more than a fee to clean the room. It may get you kicked out of the park and Disney could revoke your park pass.

What Happens If You Get Caught Vaping At Disney?

If you are simply vaping a nicotine product, more than likely, Disney security is going to ask you to leave the area and go to a designated smoking area.

Then again, if you are caught vaping at Disney, they do have regulations that could end up costing you money or even worse.

  • For example, individuals who are caught smoking or vaping in their room, on their balcony, or on their private patio area may be charged anywhere from $250 up to $500. This is a fee that will be used to ‘clean the room.’

To add insult to injury, any fee that they put on you for smoking in the room or balcony area is completely taxable. That’s right, they will add a tax to the money that they charge you.

It is also a good idea not to try to skirt the issue and get away with it if at all possible. Disney is very good at surveilling their properties, both in and out of the theme parks.

Rise Of The Resistance Pre Show

In fact, it is suggested that their latest video surveillance system is able to recognize people and follow them through the park. They may see you vaping at Disney World and can attach it to your room if you are seen on video at the resort.

Things get a lot stickier, however, if you are vaping some type of marijuana or CBD product. Since both of those are not allowed at Disney property under any circumstances, the repercussions for doing so may be more severe.

Inside the Disney parks and likely at many of the resorts, undercover Disney security guards are wandering about and they are very good at blending in.

It is likely that you would never know they were there unless you were doing something and got caught!

Anyone who is caught vaping an illegal substance, or one that is not allowed at Disney, could find themselves in ‘Disney Jail.’ You will be held in that location until the authorities are called.

Even if marijuana and CBD were legalized in the state, it may not have federal recognition as being legal. In addition, Disney is the owner of the property, so they make the decisions as to what is allowed and what is not allowed.

The bottom line is, if you are vaping outside of the designated vaping area, it is likely that you are going to have some type of repercussion. It can range anywhere from being asked to move, to getting charged a fee, to landing in the Pokey!

Rise Of the Resistance

Do Disney Parks Sell Vapes / Cigarettes?

Disney realizes that many of its guests are going to smoke or choose to vape. That is why they provide the designated areas to do so.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they make it easy to smoke or vape on Disney property. Not only do you have to deal with going to a designated area, but you also can’t find cigarettes or Vapes at any Disney store.

If you are on Disney property and just need a quick pack of cigarettes, you can always go to one of the third-party gas stations that are located on Disney property.

Otherwise, you can go to a shop off property, and there are plenty of vape shops available.

Just because Disney does not allow the sale of cigarettes today does not mean that they always had this policy. In fact, one of the first stores that opened on Main Street was a tobacco shop!

That tobacco shop sold pipe tobacco, pipes, cigars, and other tobacco products from around the world. It eventually was removed, but it was available for quite some time.

Disney may not be the happiest place on earth for smokers or those who choose to vape, but it is their prerogative to make that choice. Those who choose to smoke or vape then have to make the choice if they are going to visit.

If you have ever wondered how to become a Disney World Cast Member I have written a detailed guide!

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