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How To Apply And Become A Disney Cast Member From The UK

If it’s always been your dream to work at Walt Disney World, you might be wondering if this is something that’s possible as a resident of the UK. As a previous Disney Cultural Representative Program cast member, I was lucky enough to live out this dream and live and work in Orlando for an entire…

Is The Disney Skyliner Faster Than The Bus?

The Disney Skyliner was one of the most exciting additions to Walt Disney World in the past few years. The Disney Skyliner offers a new way to get between multiple resorts, including Epcot, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios plus others we will discuss later in this guide. Many guests find the Skyliner to be a fun…

Why Is It’s A Small World So Creepy?

It’s a Small World is one of those classic attractions you have to ride on any trip to the Magic Kingdom. However, for many guests, they come off it remarking that it was pretty creepy. With so many dolls and scenes from around the world, it’s certainly a ride that overloads the senses at times….

7 Dwarfs Mine Train vs Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

If you are short for time in the Magic Kingdom, it can be tough to select the few attractions you’ll want to wait in line for. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are two of the most popular roller coasters in the park, and they are great for most of the family….

Is Animal Kingdoms Expedition Everest Intense?

If you are planning your trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park you may be attempting to map out your visit and in particular which rides you want to wait in line for. Expedition Everest is the largest attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and the question is often asked How Intense Is Expedition Everest? In…

Volcano Bay Vs Blizzard Beach And Typhoon Lagoon – Disney vs Universal Waterparks Explained

If you are planning your vacation to Orlando you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the amazing choice of waterparks! Whether you plan to visit a waterpark once during your stay or perhaps looking to go every morning before moving onto the Disney or Universal theme parks we’ve got you covered. In this guide,…

Do Fake IDs Work At Walt Disney World?

When you’re on vacation or attending a special event, alcohol is often an integral component and Walt Disney World is no exception. Whilst Magic Kingdom has restrictions on alcohol, it is readily available in other Disney parks and across the resorts. However, to purchase and enjoy alcohol within Walt Disney World, you need to be…

Walt Disney World Hidden Charges-Ultimate Money-Saving Tips

Walt Disney Parks are renowned all around the world for their excellence in first-class entertainment, rides attractions, and customer satisfaction, Being a Disney fan myself this is going to be an unusual post to write but, I want to make you aware of some “hidden” charges you may not be aware of when budgeting for…

Everything You Need To Know About Mickey Ears

Mickey Ears! Everything You Need To Know (Including sizes)

What Do They Say In Spanish On The Disney Monorail?

Everyone Does The Impression! But What Does It Say?