Insider’s Guide: Disney Cast Member Codes Revealed

As you make your way through the Disney parks, you are likely to hear some things that you don’t hear very often. If you keep your ears open, you might also hear some secret signals that are being passed from one Disney cast member to another.

Although these are not necessarily top-secret signals, they are something that is not widely known. That is why they are used by the cast members because they can talk to each other using the code and not everybody is going to know what they are saying.

Cracking the code is not difficult but understanding what is being said can help you to be alert to problems and areas of the park that you may want to avoid.

Here are the top Disney cast member codes that you shouldn’t know, but you will!

Me With 2 Disney Cast Members. Disney’s Hollywood Studios Entrance August 2022

Signal (Code) 5: If you happen to hear this code, you should avoid the area they are discussing. It is a code that is used when somebody throws up and it needs some attention. Sometimes, they will also refer to it as a ‘protein spill.’

Signal 25: Where there’s smoke there’s fire and there also tends to be some panic as well. That is why they will hide the fact that smoke or fire is at the park by alerting other cast members using a signal 25. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens often enough that you should know about it.

Signal 70: There are going to be times when children get away from their parents and if a child is lost, you might hear the call for a signal 70. This is a way for cast members to alert each other to the problem so they can all start looking immediately.

Interestingly, once the child is found, they change it from a signal 70 to a ‘Lost Parent‘ signal. It’s their way of letting other cast members know that the child has been found and now they are trying to reunite the child with the parent.

Code 101 And 102: There are going to be times when a ride breaks down but they don’t want people to panic or get bummed out over the situation. If a ride is temporarily not available, it is known as code 101. Once it gets back up and running again, they will refer to the ride as being code 102.

Alpha Unit: If there is some sort of trouble at the park that will require emergency medical services, they will call for it. When they arrive, they will let other cast members know that the Alpha Unit is now on the scene. It’s nice to know that they are on the case.

Backstage: Did you realize that there is just as much going on behind the scenes as there is in front of your eyes that Walt Disney World? Those hidden areas are referred to as the ‘Backstage’ areas of Disney by the cast members.

Cast Member: All the world is a stage, and that is especially true at Disney. The people who work at Disney are said to be cast members. This is not only true of the people who find themselves dressed up as Mickey Mouse. Everybody, from the person sweeping up Main Street to the people at the front gate, is known as a cast member.

Costume: Any time you work at Disney, you are going to be dressed to play the part. Regardless of whether it is a character or a uniform, it is known as a costume.

MK, DAK, And The Studios: It always helps to have some acronyms because it can speed up communication when the situation calls for it. You may hear cast members talking about MK, The Studios, DAK, and other unusual places. These are actually just short versions of various locations. For example, MK is the Magic Kingdom, and DAK is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Can you guess what The Studios is? If you said Hollywood studios, you are correct!

Onstage: When a cast member is referring to a part of the park that is visible to everyone, it is an onstage part of the park. This is different from the backstage portions that we discussed earlier, which are areas behind the scenes and even underground.

A Disney Cast Member At Hollywood Studios 2022

Protein Spill: Disney is certainly the Happiest Place on Earth, but there are times when people have just a little too much fun. If somebody overindulges in food or beverages and tosses their cookies, so to speak, it is a rather delicate situation.

Nobody at Disney wants to think about the fact that sometimes people throw up.

They do it because they are on vacation and had a little too much the night before and they do it because they get motion sickness on the rides. In order to alert other cast members of the situation, they will speak about a protein spill.

Role: Every cast member has a role. Essentially, it is their job but they don’t refer to it as a job, they refer to it as their role.

Treasured Guest: Although we would like to think that everybody gets along and behaves while they are at Disney, we also realize that is not the case. We’ve seen far too many videos that point to the contrary.

Of course, the cast members are not allowed to call out those individuals and speak about how horrible they are, but everybody knows it. That is why they use the term ‘Treasured Guest.’ It refers to the unruly person at the park without letting everybody within earshot know that someone is being a real jerk.

White Powder Alert: This one is unusual and it doesn’t happen very often. When a loved one dies, they may have a final wish that you would spread their ashes at Disney.

This sometimes happens at the Haunted Mansion, but it can happen anywhere. Anytime somebody is caught doing this, it is referred to as a ‘White Powder Alert’ and to get you a permanent ban from the parks.