Do Fake IDs Work At Walt Disney World?

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When you’re on vacation or attending a special event, alcohol is often an integral component and Walt Disney World is no exception.

Whilst Magic Kingdom has restrictions on alcohol, it is readily available in other Disney parks and across the resorts. However, to purchase and enjoy alcohol within Walt Disney World, you need to be of drinking age.

You may be thinking that the way to get around this is to use a fake ID but the question is, do fake IDs work at Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is exceptionally thorough with their identification checks on underage drinking, and also their policy to deter underage drinking, your chances of being caught using a fake ID at Disney World are a lot higher and the consequences of being asked to leave the parks is a strong possibility.

Where can I get alcohol at Walt Disney World?

It is often incorrectly thought that with the exception of special events, Walt Disney World is a dry resort but this is not the case.

  • The Magic Kingdom park has the highest restrictions on alcohol across Walt Disney World and the park was an alcohol-free zone until 2016.

It is now possible to enjoy alcohol at Walt Disney World’s flagship park, however, the opportunity is rare and it is not readily available.

Table service restaurants are the only place in Magic Kingdom that now serve alcohol including Be Our Guest which serves alcohol during all meal times even though breakfast and lunch are classified as quick service.

The only drinks served at the park’s restaurants are beer, wine, sparkling wine, and cocktails created from them. You will find that no spirits are served at Magic Kingdom with the exception of a very exclusive, hidden location.

The other place to get alcohol on park grounds is at the renowned Club 33, Disney’s in-park private club.

The other Disney parks however have alcohol readily available.

A wide variety of alcoholic beverages can be found at the majority of dining locations across Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and EPCOT.

The park that is most linked to alcohol is EPCOT, the park that hosts a number of special event festivals throughout the year. Whilst all of the festivals serve alcohol, the most famous on the festival calendar is EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival.

The festival begins in the summer lasting until fall and celebrates the delicacies and beverages of the world.

Food booths pop up around World Showcase with menus that include a selection of beer, wine, and cocktails.

Many park guests head to EPCOT at this time of year specifically to ‘drink around the world’ and sample alcoholic beverages from every country in a Disney-inspired bar crawl.

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Check out this YouTube video for an overview of the food and wine festival at EPCOT.

Who can buy alcohol at Disney parks?

As Walt Disney World calls the US home, the legal drinking age is at 21.

This can be frustrating to underage guests who want to participate in a special event and particularly infuriating for guests visiting from other countries that have a lower drinking age.

Anyone aged 21 and over can purchase alcohol as long as they have valid photo identification.

  • Walt Disney World accepts proof of age in the form of a US driver’s license, identification card, and military ID as well as a passport from any country.

Walt Disney World is very strict in regards to this rule and there are no exceptions under any circumstances for those underage and wishing to drink. Walt Disney World and its Cast Members reserve the right to refuse alcohol to anyone wishing to purchase.

Does Walt Disney World scan IDs?

Walt Disney World has a reputation to uphold and can face severe backlash if they are found to be serving alcohol to underage guests.

Therefore, the Walt Disney World policy is to ask for a valid form of identification from every person purchasing alcohol within the resort and Cast Members at Walt Disney World should and most likely will ask for proof of age.

Most Cast Members will ask for ID regardless of how old you look and the rest will ID everyone who looks under the age of 40.

This requirement is part of the food and beverage training at Disney University and Cast Members are also warned that under Florida law, they may have to attend a court hearing and receive a hefty fine if they are found to have served alcohol to anyone underage.

For this reason, Cast Members would rather be safe than sorry and will ask for ID from pretty much everyone. Some Disney guests have reported not being asked for ID during their visit to the parks but this proves to be a rare occurrence.

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Can an adult buy me alcohol at a Disney park?

If you’re thinking you can get around this by asking someone aged 21 or over to purchase alcohol for you, you are sadly mistaken.

If you were to venture down this route, you would need to be exceptionally careful.

As Walt Disney World is so strict on enforcing the drinking age and will ask for ID from every patron ordering alcohol, if a Cast Member witnesses a drink being passed along or enjoyed by someone who has not provided ID, they reserve the right to also ask for the ID from the individual drinking the alcohol.

Whilst it may seem trivial, it is classified as breaking the law and there is the chance that if you are caught, Disney can ask both the underage individual and the adult purchasing the alcohol to leave the park.

It is worth considering whether this would be a risk you are willing to take.

Will I get caught using a fake ID at Walt Disney World?

With the drinking age in the US so high, fake IDs are very common.

You may consider using a fake ID to enable you to drink at Walt Disney World, however, this may be a risky move. If you were to get away with it, you can enjoy your alcohol and feel proud that you have one-upped Disney. However, if you get caught, you may be left regretting your decision.

Using a fake ID is a game of chance in any situation as it all depends on how lenient the person carding you is and also, how knowledgeable they are about valid and fake IDs.

However, with Walt Disney World being exceptionally thorough with their identification checks and also their policy to deter underage drinking, your chances of being caught using a fake ID are a lot higher.

Even if your fake ID works the first time, it may not work a subsequent time so if you were asked by another Cast Member for proof of age or you wanted to purchase another drink, you may not be as lucky the second time around.

In addition, liquor law enforcement also regularly carries out operations of presenting a fake ID to servers/cast members to identify if they are correctly rejected.

Due to this, Cast Members can be particularly thorough and may reject any ID they are not 100% confident in and familiar with. They would rather reject an unfamiliar ID or one they are unsure of than put their job on the line.

What happens if I get caught using a fake ID at Walt Disney World?

If you are caught using a fake ID to purchase alcohol at Walt Disney World, you may face severe consequences.

At the very least, you will find yourself escorted from Disney property if caught and this is not only an embarrassing situation but also dampens the magic of your Disney experience.

It is also possible that may receive a fine or be prosecuted by a court of law.

In addition to any consequences that you face, you are also putting the Cast Member who served you at risk too. Servers have a responsibility and may lose their job or face a court hearing if they supply alcohol to a minor, even if they are tricked by a fake ID.

In addition, you are also putting the company in jeopardy as premises found to serve minors may lose their liquor license or end up with a lawsuit, something that with Disney’s magical reputation they want to avoid at all costs.

So, should you use a fake ID at Walt Disney World?

At the end of the day, whether you attempt to use a fake ID to purchase alcohol at Walt Disney World is a decision that only you can make.

With Walt Disney World’s strict rules, if you are underage, it may be your only option to purchase alcohol on Disney property, however, the cons seem to outweigh the pros.

Dining locations and even food booths at EPCOTs International Food and Wine Festival generally have non-alcoholic cocktail options on the menu allowing minors and non-drinkers to enjoy fun and interesting drinks too.

As the most magical place on Earth, Walt Disney World is also not a place where alcohol is needed to have a good time, the resort is exciting regardless of alcohol consumption.

There’s a lot to take into account on how you want to tackle alcohol as an underage guest and you can only make your own choice.

The question is, do you really want to risk ruining your Walt Disney World experience for the sake of a drink?

Have a magical day!

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