Do Nipple Piercings Go Off At Airport Security?

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When trying to pass the security scanner at the airport, you probably want to take everything that consists of metal off your body, so you can quickly get through airport security without setting any alarms off!

However, some things, like piercings are not so easily taken off, and many times you even forget that you have them in the first place.

So, do nipple piercings go off at airport security scanners?

Nipple and body piercings are generally not an issue with the airport security scanner since they usually do not set off the metal detector. However, if your body jewelry does, in fact, activate the alarm, you may need to show your piercings. You will not be asked to take them off whatsoever.

If you are concerned about passing the security scanner with body piercings, you have come to the right place.

Here, you will read about piercings and airport scanners, as well as your rights when it comes to showing them.

Also, I will provide some ways you can hide your nipple piercings, so you can avoid potentially uncomfortable situations with security officers, or maybe your parents if you are traveling with them!

Will Your Nipple Piercings Set Off The Airport Security Scanner? 

Usually, jewelry that does not contain metal, does not set off the alarm at the airport security scanner.

Even if you are wearing some piercings with metal parts, there is a low chance that the alarm will go off, since jewelry does not contain a huge amount of metal.

However, some scanners might have high sensitivity levels, meaning that your piercings might alert the scanner at the airport. 

Although this might be a rare case, to be on the safe side, and to avoid any unpleasantries, you could wear jewelry that is nonmetallic.

On the other hand, if you own quality metal jewelry that is non-ferromagnetic, then you can easily pass the scanner without setting off the metal detector.

In this case, you do not have to worry about being obliged to show your piercings or be additionally searched due to the signals sent from the security scanner. 

What About Piercings That Are On Other Parts Of Your Body?

If you are a person who wears piercings on private parts of the body, you might not feel comfortable exposing yourself to the whole airport in order to prove that you do not carry anything harmful or prohibited by law and rules.

Nowadays, different airports have different types of scanners that might detect even the slightest bit of metal.

Therefore, even if you have passed many security scanners without setting off the metal detector, at some point you may come in a situation when the scanner will start beeping due to detecting your piercings. 

If it comes to that, usually it only takes to show your piercings to the security officer, and you will be good to go. However, some might request an additional search of your things and clothes.

What if you are not comfortable showing your piercings in front of your traveling companions?

This can be especially complicated for teenagers who are traveling with their parents and have not shown their piercings to them yet. In addition, some people can simply be uncomfortable showing them even to the security officer.

  • In order to avoid additional search or showing your piercings, make sure that you wear nonmetallic jewelry. This way you can be sure that your piercings will be safely covered without setting off the metal detector.

In some cases, high-sensitivity scanners can easily go off if they scan even the slightest piece of metal, and in this situation, you need to know your rights about what security officers can and cannot ask you to do.

Do Airports Ask You To Remove Your Piercings?

There may be cases when the security officers would request from passengers to remove their piercings.

However, you should familiarize yourself with your rights concerning airports and security checks. You should not immediately accept everything that is asked of you as there are laws that reserve your rights. 

For instance, in 2008, a woman in Texas was asked to remove her piercings using pliers, an act which was probably really uncomfortable and painful!

However, that act was considered unnecessary, and later she filed a lawsuit against the airport.

  • After this incident, the airports in the USA have changed their policies, meaning that no airport can ask you to remove any piercings from your body. 

Therefore, remember that if your piercings set off the metal detector, the only thing you need to do is show them to the security officer. They only need to see visually what made the detector go off.

You are not obliged to do anything more than that, so in case you are requested to do something like that, remember that that is against the law of the airports.

How To Hide Your Metal Nipple Piercings With Clothes? 

If you are trying to hide your nipple piercings, whether from your parents, or you just want to pass the security with additional coverage, you can use some simple methods that might prove to be helpful.

There are several methods and the only tool you need is clothes. Therefore, you can try the following things: 

  • Wear clothes that have colorful patterns on them, so they will distract people who might notice something. 
  • Wear padded bras, so nothing will be shown on tight shirts or tops. 
  • Wear a jacket that will cover the piercings. 
  • Use pasties, or similar stickers to cover your nipple piercings. 

To conclude, you can safely pass the security scanner without setting off the metal detector.

However, in some cases, you might come across a high-sensitivity scanner that will detect your piercings, so you might be asked to show them to a security officer. 

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