Airport Security And Watches: What You Need To Know Before Your Flight

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 17, 2023

As watches are small pieces of accessories that we carry on our wrists, we do not tend to think about them a lot when traveling by plane and passing through airport security.

However, people who are obsessed with watches and tend to buy expensive types of them, do not feel quite relaxed when they are asked to take their watches off when they pass security. The question is oftern asked, Can you wear a watch through airport security?

So, do you need to take your watch off at airport security, and what are the possible alternatives that will make you avoid taking it off? 

You do need to remove wristwatches at airport security. To avoid this, you can pack it inside your carry-on bag before entering the security area. Usually, electronic devices that are larger than a smartphone are required to be taken out separately from the bag.

This way you will avoid taking it off your wrist in a hurry and worrying about damaging it.

If you are a person who loves and owns expensive watches, passing through airport security with carry on baggage might come as a difficult task to you when it comes to your favorite belongings.

Therefore, here I will discuss some ways that can help you avoid taking off your watch when you are traveling by plane, so you can feel more comfortable at the airport security.

Also, I will provide some tips that will prevent any damages to your watch, if you are asked to take your watch off and put it in the tray. 

Can You Put Your Watch In Your Hand Luggage?

When you start getting ready to head over to the airport, you probably start thinking about the things that are delicate, such as electronic devices, and what you will need to do with them to pass through airport security.

Watches also belong to the group of delicate things, especially the really expensive ones, as well as smartwatches. If you own a watch of this kind or one with personal sentimentality you might be concerned about taking it off at the airport security. 

Usually, people do not like to separate themselves from their expensive belongings, so taking their watches off and putting them in the tray is not a very comfortable thing to do.

Therefore, they try to find a way to avoid this, like putting their watches in the hand luggage. If you have never tried this before, you are probably asking whether this really gets you out of the possibility of putting your watch in the tray at the airport security. 

Packing your expensive watch in carry on baggage can really spare you from going through the trouble of taking your watch off your wrist and putting it in a tray.

Usually, electronic devices that are larger than smartphones are asked to be separate from the rest of your carry on baggage, such as laptops or tablets. That way you do not have to take it off your wrist and worry about damages that might cause along the process of passing airport security

However, some quite strict airports may still ask you to get your watch out of your carry-on luggage. Different airports have different policies and security measures, so you can never be 100% sure that your watch will be safe even in your hand luggage.

If you are traveling with expensive items, you should be prepared for any security measures asked by the airport. 

Are You OK To Go Through A Security Scanner With Your Watch On? 

Usually, security officers ask passengers to take their watches off when passing through the scanner.

However, you might be just fine even without taking it off since some airport officers do not require that as long as the watch does not include any metal objects in it. If you are worried that your watch will get scratched or damaged in any way then definitely keep it on your wrist. 

However, if you are in a hurry, and you do not want to risk the chance whether the scanner will be set off or not, then it is better that you pack the watch inside your carry-on luggage.

Also, you may consider the possibility of putting it in the pocket of your coat or jacket, so you will avoid your watch being stolen or damaged in any way. Generally, watches do not set off metal detectors since they do not consist of enough metal so they can be determined as a possible harmful metal object. 

Nonetheless, this does not apply to all airports since they have different policies and different detectors and scanners. Therefore, some airports include high-sensitivity scanners, meaning that even a few grams of metal will set the detector off.

  • If the security officer points out that your watch is the reason for the triggered detector, then you will have to take it off and put it in the tray. 

Tips To Avoid Getting Your Watch Damaged While Going Through Airport Security 

If you are forced to put your watch in a tray, there are things you need to consider, so you will avoid any damage. If you already know the rules of an airport, it is better to be prepared, so you could avoid additional troubles while traveling by plane.

Here are some useful tips you might consider when you have to pass through security. 

Do Not Put Your Watch In Uneven-shaped Trays at Security Screening 

These kinds of trays are unstable and might tip over while going through the scanner. This is a risk of never seeing your expensive watch again, so avoid it at any cost. 

Put Your Watch Inside A Pocket Of Your Jacket 

In order to avoid any scratches make sure that you put your watch in a soft area like your jacket’s pocket. That way it will be protected from scratches, but also from thieves. 

Passing through security can be annoying, especially if you carry a lot of things with you, or on you, like jewelry and watches. Therefore, make sure that you protect your expensive watch as much as you can since you do not want your journey to start on the wrong foot. 


Can you wear a smartwatch through airport security?

You can wear a smartwatch through airport security, but you need to remove it and place it in a tray with your other items. Also, airport security may ask you to turn off the watch for inspection.