Walt Disney World: How Much Does A Mobile Phone Matter?

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: January 17, 2023

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly electronically connected. This leaves many Disney visitors wondering if they must carry a cell phone to access the park.

A mobile phone is not necessary to access Walt Disney World or the various features within it. You will still be able to get on the rides and you can take part in anything within the parks that you could do without a phone.

Many people prefer to leave their phones in the hotel room because they don’t want to be bothered with unnecessary calls during their visit to the parks.

Another option is to rent one of the lockers and safely keep it tucked out of the way in that location.

My Disney Experience App on iPhone.

Then again, there are reasons why you may want to consider using your mobile phone at the parks because there are some convenient options that are mobile-friendly.

You might find that you are saving a little bit of time and the convenience is well worth it in many cases.

Fortunately, those without a mobile phone will not be left out when it comes to visiting the parks. Although it may be moving in that direction at some point in the future, Disney has done their best to try to make it possible for everyone to access the magic, including those who don’t want to carry their phone or don’t have a phone to carry.

Are You Missing Out If You Don’t Have A Mobile?

Obviously, there are some reasons why you may want to consider having a mobile phone with you at the park. It isn’t necessary, but what are you missing if you don’t have your mobile with you?

There are actually quite a few different features that are accessible through mobile that can save you time and frustration. Here are a few to consider.

Wait Lists – Do you remember standing outside of a restaurant and waiting an extended amount of time to go in? This can really be frustrating if you paid to get into one of the parks and now you have to stand for an hour in line.

Fortunately, that isn’t necessary because you can use your mobile phone to take advantage of one of the walk-up wait lists. This is through the My Disney Experience app and you can join a virtual queue.

Take a look at this YouTube video that shows an overview of the My Disney Experience App.

Once you get to the restaurant at your designated time, they will be ready for you.

Speaking of Disney Dining, it isn’t even necessary to visit the host station to confirm the fact that you are there for your reservation.

There is a kiosk outside of the restaurant where you can scan a QR code to let them know you are there. You can also use the My Disney Experience app to check in.

It isn’t just a matter of letting them know you are there, you can actually let them know about any dietary restrictions, things you may be celebrating, and the number of people in your party.

Mobile Key Card – Using the My Disney Experience app, it is possible to get into your room. This is a convenient option, especially if you walk out and leave your MagicBand on the table.

Hotel Check-In – Some visitors find it exciting to go to the front desk at the Disney resort to check-in. Others would find it more convenient to use the My Disney Experience app to check in when you are on the way to the hotel. You can also scan a QR code at the hotel to check in remotely.

Order Food – Your mobile and the My Disney Experience app offers a solution for those who want to pick up a snack or even a meal at one of the Disney restaurants.

You can order and pay for the food through the app and you will be alerted when it is ready. Skip the line! This is a fantastic option especially when travelling with younger children.

Mobile Order On My Disney Experience

MagicMobile – One other feature that is worth noting is MagicMobile. Magic bands are convenient, but you can now use your phone as a virtual magic band to enter a park using your tickets.

Can You Get On Any Rides/Attractions Without A Mobile?

Disney is becoming more and more mobile-friendly but are any of the rides restricted if you don’t have a mobile phone?

It is not necessary to have a mobile phone to ride any of the rides at Disney. You might find that it is a convenient option to use your mobile along with the Genie+ addition to the My Disney Experience app.

What does the Genie Plus app have to offer?

Genie Plus – One of the conveniences offered at Disney parks disappeared during the pandemic. It is the Fast Pass (skip the line) option that allowed you to skip the line and quickly work your way to the front to go on a ride.

You can now use Genie Plus in the My Disney Experience app to access something very similar.

Genie Plus allows you to skip the line in a similar way to the MaxPass program offered through Disneyland. At Disney World, you will pay around $15 per day for each person that wants to access this feature of the app. Personally, I’m not a fan of this but have used it on occasion for some of the more popular rides.

Once you are signed in, you can select the start times of various attractions throughout the park and take advantage of that timing. Once you arrive, you can use the Lightning Lane to skip the big line and head right to the front of the line.

Genie Plus also offers some other perks that you may appreciate while waiting in line to get on the rides. There are some audio spots about various attractions to keep you busy if you do have to wait.

You can also plug in some suggested itineraries in the Disney Genie service. It allows you to map out your day and see how long you will likely be waiting at various attractions.

The bottom line is, you don’t need a mobile phone to visit Disney or take part in the fun. If you do have a mobile, however, use it to the full by downloading the My Disney Experience app to organize and maximize your visit.

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