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Are you considering flying with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and wondering if they have Wi-Fi onboard?

KLM, the national airline of the Netherlands headquartered in Amstelveen, does indeed offer inflight Wi-Fi services.

This allows passengers to stay connected while traveling on both their European and intercontinental flights.

KLM’s Wi-Fi services comprise various packages and features suitable for different needs.

The connection allows travelers to browse the internet, send and receive emails, and engage on social media. Moreover, KLM provides free messaging and a wide range of inflight entertainment options that can be enjoyed using the Wi-Fi connection.

Key Takeaways

  • KLM offers Wi-Fi services for passengers on both European and intercontinental routes.
  • Travelers can browse the internet, send emails, and engage on social media inflight.
  • Free messaging and diverse inflight entertainment options are also available onboard.
KLM aircraft on takeoff

Overview of KLM’s Wi-Fi Services

KLM provides inflight Wi-Fi services, allowing you to stay connected during your flight. Their Wi-Fi service enables you to surf, stream, and send messages while you’re in the sky.

As you book your trip or during your flight, look for the Wi-Fi logo. A Wi-Fi logo means you’ll have access to internet services during your flight. KLM’s inflight Wi-Fi is available on both their European and intercontinental flights.

KLM offers a high-quality internet connection to cater to the needs of modern travelers. You can use messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger on your flight. Passengers flying to European destinations can enjoy 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi for messaging apps and other social media platforms.

Bear in mind that the inflight Wi-Fi services provided by KLM are standard services and will be accessible on select aircraft. To use KLM’s Wi-Fi service, visit when onboard.

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Availability and Activation

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines offers inflight WiFi on many of their aircraft, including the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 on intercontinental flights. For European flights, WiFi access is available as well, with free messaging during the entire flight on select routes.

To activate the WiFi on your device, simply look for the WiFi logo on your flight. If you see it, the aircraft is WiFi equipped, and you can connect by following the steps provided during your flight. Availability may vary depending on the flight and schedule, but many international flights will offer this service.

When it comes to other aircraft types, such as Boeing 737, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-9 Dreamliner, or Boeing 787, it is best to check with KLM directly for specific details on WiFi availability. You can do so by visiting their official website. Stay connected and enjoy your journey with KLM’s inflight WiFi service.

Pricing and Packages

KLM offers inflight WiFi for passengers during their journey. To access this service, you can purchase a WiFi voucher onboard or through the KLM portal before your flight.

There are different WiFi packages available to suit your needs, such as the Stream Pass, which costs EUR 12 for your entire flight. With this pass, you can surf the internet, send and receive e-mails with attachments, exchange messages with photos and videos, and stream music and video content.

For those interested in a messaging package, KLM provides free messaging during the entire flight on intercontinental routes. This allows you to stay connected with family and friends through popular messaging apps.

If you prefer a more premium experience, consider subscribing to one of KLM’s paid WiFi services. The subscription can be purchased online or via the onboard portal once your aircraft reaches an altitude of 10,000 ft. Prices and availability may vary depending on your flight route and duration.

Remember to check the specifics of the WiFi offerings on your KLM flight, as the availability of certain packages and services may differ on European flights and intercontinental flights.

KLM aircraft at the airport

Free Messaging and Social Media

KLM offers free messaging to its passengers during flights. This feature allows you to send and receive messages using popular apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger.

You can stay connected with your friends and family on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, Instagram users can also enjoy this free messaging service provided by KLM.

However, the free messaging service does not include access to YouTube. To browse the internet or watch videos, you may need to choose from KLM’s paid WiFi plans.

With these options, you can remain connected even during long flights. Keep in mind that you should utilize the free messaging service responsibly and in accordance with KLM’s in-flight policies.

Inflight Entertainment and Wi-Fi Usage

KLM offers a variety of inflight entertainment options to enhance your travel experience. You can enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and games while onboard their flights.

The airline also provides inflight Wi-Fi on most of their planes. This allows you to surf the internet, access your emails, and stay connected with friends and family during your flight.

There’s no need to worry about download speed or internet access during your flight. KLM’s inflight Wi-Fi ensures a stable connection for a seamless online experience, whether you’re working or streaming videos.

To use KLM’s inflight Wi-Fi, simply purchase a Wi-Fi pass either before your flight or during the flight. The prices for these passes vary depending on the length of your flight and the package you choose.

With this variety of entertainment and connectivity options, your flight with KLM will be more enjoyable. So, sit back, relax, and let KLM’s inflight services cater to your every need.

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Additional Information

KLM offers inflight WiFi to its passengers. They provide a Surf Pass and a Stream Pass for internet access.

The Surf Pass costs EUR 8 for an entire flight. With this, you can surf the internet and send or receive emails and text messages. However, KLM advises against streaming with the Surf Pass due to possible buffering issues.

KLM WiFi services are provided by Viasat and Panasonic Avionics. Users can expect a standard service quality that depends on factors like your location and the aircraft’s connectivity options.

For passengers flying within Europe, KLM offers 30 minutes of free WiFi to use messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Messenger. This allows you to stay connected with friends and family during your journey.

Flying in business class? You may enjoy additional benefits in terms of WiFi access and availability. Check with KLM for specific details about your flight and cabin class.

When departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ensure you’re aware of the WiFi conditions that apply to KLM flights. As always, follow the airline’s guidelines to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Finally, keep in mind that inflight WiFi speed may vary depending on factors like the aircraft model and its connectivity technology. Stay informed, and best of luck on your KLM journey!

Aircraft taking off at sunset

Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is KLM’s in-flight WiFi?

KLM’s in-flight WiFi is provided on a standard basis and offered as-is. However, as with any inflight WiFi service, connectivity may vary depending on aircraft location or technical issues.

Is the WiFi free for KLM Business Class passengers?

WiFi is not generally offered for free, with passengers required to purchase WiFi passes to access the service. But, it’s essential to check individual booking details, as there may be promotions or specific fares that include free WiFi access.

What is the speed of KLM’s onboard WiFi?

KLM’s onboard WiFi speed may not be specified, but the quality should be sufficient for basic tasks like browsing the web or sending messages. However, don’t expect it to be as fast as your home or office internet connection, as in-flight WiFi typically has limits.

Are there any common issues with KLM’s WiFi?

Common issues with in-flight WiFi usually involve slower speeds or occasional disconnections. KLM’s WiFi service is not immune to these issues, but they do their best to provide a reliable connection. Keep in mind that performance may vary depending on many factors, such as crowded networks and the aircraft’s location.

Is there WiFi available on KLM’s Boeing 787?

Yes, KLM has in-flight WiFi service on their Boeing 787 aircraft. Look for the WiFi logo when booking your trip or during the flight to confirm it.

Do KLM aircraft have in-seat entertainment options?

In addition to WiFi, KLM offers in-flight entertainment options like personal touchscreen displays and streaming services. These options are available on select aircraft, enabling passengers to enjoy movies, TV shows, music, and more during their journey.

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