Does Spaceship Earth Make You Sick? What To Expect

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 17, 2023

Walt Disney World is exciting for people of all ages, and it is a popular place where people can experience different rides, from really slow to really extreme.

EPOCT is part of Walt Disney World and Spaceship Earth has created great intrigue since its opening in 1982.

If you are a fan of theme parks, you have probably heard about Spaceship Earth, but you do not know what to expect since it is a giant “golf ball” in which you cannot see inside.

So, what kind of ride system does Spaceship Earth include, and will it make you sick? 

Since you cannot see the inside of Spaceship Earth, the ride is often taken as extreme and scary. However, Spaceship Earth is actually a slow ride in which you can see scenes from different historical periods. Even though it is dark throughout the ride, the giant golf ball is suitable for everyone.

If you are a fan of theme parks and you intend to visit Disney’s Epcot Park, then you might be interested in some additional information about the rides.

If you are particularly interested in Spaceship Earth, you have come across the right place since I will explain everything about this mysterious attraction.

Here, you will read about the general features of this ride, along with some facts that will help you understand this attraction better. 

Spaceship Earth August 2022

What Is Spaceship Earth? 

Spaceship Earth is the main attraction of Epcot, and it is considered a symbol by which this park is widely recognized.

A ride on Spaceship Earth enables you to get back into different periods of history, and it gets you back to the dawn of humanity. It takes you through the full history of communication and is very informational.

It is currently narrated by the wonderful Judi Dench! (A particular favorite of mine!)

Inside of the giant “golf ball,” you have the opportunity to see every major step of human development in its age, starting from people drawing in caves to broadcasting people landing on the moon. 

In addition, during the ride, you will see some of the best ideas that arose after the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press, as well as, the world in the modern age after the occurrence of media.

  • All of these events are carefully and uniquely put together in a 15-minute-slow-paced ride with elaborate sets and high-tech figures. What is more, when returned to the present day, you have the chance to create your own future by using the touch screen included in your vehicle. 

Spaceship Earth is one of the most popular attractions designed by the most imaginative talents of Disney World. It can safely be said that this is one ride you won’t want to miss!

A quick tip is to avoid the ride early on in the day. Spaceship Earth is located right near the entrance to the park, so is popular earlier in the day with guests. Later in the day, you can usually almost walk straight on!

However, since the ride is situated in a huge “golf ball”, and does not allow you to see what is inside, Spaceship Earth is also one of the most mysterious Disney attractions. People have had different opinions about it, especially about the level of the extremeness of the ride. 

Does Spaceship Earth Make You Sick? 

As I mentioned before, Spaceship Earth is in the form of an enormous golf ball, (I hate this phrase!) It is actually a geospheric sphere but you cannot see what is inside.

I have to be honest though most people do refer to it as a golf ball!

Therefore, many people consider the ride to be extreme and scary since it gives a mysterious feeling. When people cannot see what is inside a ride, and in what way is the ride conducted, they automatically assume that it must involve some scary and extreme factors. 

However, Spaceship Earth is actually not scary at all, and the ride happens in a really slow movement.

The scare factor of the ride is minimal since it goes at a slow speed and it stops from time to time. The ride inside is dark and at some points steep, but there are no drops included, and the speed is the same at all times, meaning that you will never go fast through it. 

There are no special requirements that enable you to get into Spaceship Earth, meaning that both children and adults alike can go on the ride.

However, some really young children, such as preschoolers might get nervous or anxious due to the darkness and the figures inside. This is because usually children do not like dark places, and they do not understand the story behind the sets and the figures. 

In addition, if you are concerned about getting sick, you should know that only people with motion sensitivity might experience some discomfort when the vehicle slowly rotates at the end of the ride.

Nonetheless, this has happened rarely, so you can consider Spaceship Earth perfectly safe.

Also, you should know that even though it is dark inside, it does not include any confinement, so if you struggle with enclosed spaces, this ride should not get you concerned. 

One thing I want to mention is that you don’t confuse this ride with “Mission Space” This ride is also at EPCOT and is a high-intensity thrill ride!

Take a look at this YouTube video to get a feel of the ride. I have set the video to start later in the ride as to not spoil the experience.

What To Expect From Spaceship Earth – The Ride? 

The ride takes 15 minutes, and it is conducted in vehicles that are suitable for two adults, and a child that can be seated between them. Inside Spaceship Earth you will have the opportunity to see 20 animatronic displays that show events from the last 40,000 years.

In other words, you are traveling through history for 15 minutes, experiencing the old times through unique sets and figures from a particular era. 

The main focus of the ride is to express the ways people communicated throughout the years, and how we have come to the developments and innovations we have today.

What is more, in the vehicle you have a touch screen that enables you to answer some questions related to the scenes you have seen during the ride. It can be said that this is quite an educational ride, and Disney has really enabled people to enjoy and experience theme park rides at a whole different level. 

Lastly, you will be able to listen to sounds and music from the particular era represented by the scenes you see at the moment. The instruments of the music belong to the era you are experiencing at the moment. That is why Spaceship Earth is so unique and advanced. 

If you intend to visit Epcot Park, you should definitely try the ride on Spaceship Earth. As you could see, the ride does not involve any scary or extreme factors, and it is totally safe for people with motion sensitivity. 


Is Spaceship Earth Scary?

The ride is slow-moving, and there are no sudden loud noises or jump scares. Personally I don’t find it scary at all but it is perhaps a little creepy in places where it’s dark with animatronics, It’s one of those attractions that you would ride again 100 times once you had ridden once. It’s more of a history lesson and the narration by Judi Dench is Superb! I Love it.

Does Spaceship Earth Have Drops?

Spaceship Earth at Disney World does not have any drops, it does however have a very slow moving return from the top back to the loading area, this involves a rather pleasant down hill slope that is actually really relaxing, so there’s no reason to avoid this attraction because of drops.

Spaceship Earth Motion Sickness Myth

Spaceship Earth does not cause motion sickness, as discussed above this is a slow moving attraction without any large visual effects or screens. I have been on the ride hundreds of time and have never had motion sickness or witnessed anyone leaving the ride looking or feeling this way.