Does Walt Disney World Do A Drug Test?

Visiting Walt Disney World should be a ton of fun for everyone, but it can be fairly stressful for those who take prescription, recreational, or other drugs in their private time.

Disney World locations have various security measures, but do they do drug tests for those who wish to enter the property?

Walt Disney World may do drug tests for those working in responsibility and security roles. They may not test some employees but reserve the right to perform random and pre-promotional drug tests. There is no evidence to suggest that Walt Disney World performs drug tests on visitors. 

While Walt Disney World does do drug tests in some cases, this is not considered standard practice for entrance, and there are many considerations before drug tests are done.

Join us as we discuss the drug testing done at Walt Disney World so you can be fully prepared for the magical experience that awaits you.

Why Does Walt Disney World Do Drug Tests?

To ensure all patrons and staff members’ safety, Walt Disney World has the right to perform employee drug tests when it is needed.

The company has zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse. Walt Disney World needs to have a strong handle over the security of every person on the premises at all times. 

Does Walt Disney World Test Visitors for Drugs?

There is no evidence to suggest that Walt Disney World performs drug tests on customers and patrons on the property.

Disney does not have the right to inquire what drugs are being used or why, regardless of whether you’re a visitor or an employee. However, visitors displaying improper or unsafe conduct may be escorted and even banned from the property. 

What Does Walt Disney World Check For At Security?

Security measures primarily focus on keeping the following off of the property: 

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Defensive devices
  • Illegal substances
  • Alcohol
  • Explosives
  • Noisemakers

There are numerous items that are not allowed on the property, including selfie sticks, certain tripods, balloons, and plastic straws. To make sure you’re well prepared, check out the full prohibited items list. 

When Does Walt Disney World Do Drug Tests?

Although drug tests are not standard practice at Walt Disney World, there are a few situations where they may consider substance tests for certain individuals. However, most of these cases rely on probable cause for drug tests.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

In some cases, Walt Disney World may perform drug tests for persons hoping to begin working at the location. However, even these cases rely on numerous influences and the role being applied for.

They primarily do drug tests for individuals who will be in safety positions, including attraction and machinery operators, security, emergency crews, lifeguards, drivers, and so forth.

The role has a strong influence on drug testing likelihood. Some employees, such as bus drivers, require frequent testing. On the other hand, positions that do not demand much responsibility concerning the customers’ safety may not need testing. 

These individuals would predominantly be subject to a thorough background check. These positions include roles in Merch, Custodial positions, and other roles that primarily support on-site activities. 

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Random Drug Testing

For employees that currently work at Walt Disney World, random drug tests are always on the table.

This is not a common practice either, but Walt Disney World may perform random drug tests if there is probable cause, witnessed by several individuals. The contracts for some job roles allow for random screening.

According to the Agreement between Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in the U.S and the Service Trades Council Union, employees are subject to drug and alcohol testing under the following circumstances:

  • When there is an objectively reasonable basis that an employee has an in-system presence of any illegal drug, substance, or alcohol while on duty or company property immediately preceding or following the work shift. 
  • As part of a post-accident investigation in circumstances where testing is directly linked to an accident that resulted in death, an injury requiring medical treatment other than basic first aid, motor vehicle damage, or property damage exceeding $4,500.00.

There are various other details provided by the agreement. Most companies reserve the right to test and screen employees for substance abuse without any cause. 

Although, performing countless drug tests will put a dent in their bottom line as it’s fairly costly for the company. So, they will likely not be dishing out random drug tests for no reason. But, it is still something that can happen at any moment. 

What Drug Tests Does Walt Disney World Do?

Walt Disney World does not generally perform invasive drug tests, meaning they will not take DNA samples or inflict injury onto those undergoing the tests and screening processes.

In most cases, they perform urine tests to pick up signs of substances and drugs in the system, some of which may be traceable for quite some time after use. 

Employees may be sent to a health or medical area on-site to perform the tests in private. These urine samples are sent to an independent lab for testing, and the results are then sent back to Disney for further review and decision-making. 

What Are the Repercussions of a Failed Drug Test?

The penalties of failed drug tests are debatable, as there are many discrepancies and conflicting opinions surrounding the use of various drugs.

In most cases, security will escort the individual from the property, and employees’ contracts will be terminated. The use of some substances may not be punishable, however. 

Prescription drugs may show up in the test, and such results can be justified with scripts on hand.

Still, being fired for substance abuse is something that will haunt any individual for the rest of their life. While they may not suffer legal consequences for the situation, it will put quite an unsightly blemish on even the most impressive resume. 

  • If you’re worried about prescription drugs, take along your script just to be safe in the event you are tested.

Depending on the position, you may be tested for just about any substance, and it’s best to get clean and flush out your system with plenty of water before starting work. 

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