Behind the Magic: Does Disney World Have Undercover Security?

Security is something that has increased worldwide. We see that it’s important every time we turn on the news.

Is there also undercover security at Disney?

Undercover security is throughout the parks at Walt Disney World. The private security team is typically dressed like everyday people and it may appear as if they are on vacation. If called upon, however, they quickly show themselves and take care of whatever problems exist.

We know that they call Disney the Happiest Place on Earth, but we also recognize that people are people, regardless of where they are.

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It really doesn’t matter how much the cast works to make it a good experience, if there are a few bad apples in the bunch, it can ruin everything.

We have seen this recently and if you have seen the videos on YouTube and Twitter, you realize that it is possible for violence to erupt anywhere.

Typically, it is contained and is usually just one family fighting against another, but without security in place, these things could run rampant.

We are going to take a closer look at the undercover Disney security that is found at the parks and even at the various resort hotels. We will also discuss the possibility that there may be actual police officers and the difference between the two.

Does Disney Have Undercover Security?

We’ve already determined that Disney does have security in place, but is it good security? Can you feel comfortable in the parks, knowing that there are people out there looking out for your best interest?

Some of these security measures that are in place at Disney include scanning bags, checking people, and even dogs that sniff out explosives. These are all things that exist and they are updated regularly to keep up with any change in local or world conditions.

One of the newer features added to the park is metal detectors. Various safety protocols were put into place to ensure that people are safe as they enter the park and that anyone who is going to cause problems is stopped at the gate.

Security has always had a presence at Disney World. Those private security officers would mingle among the guests, dressing like them, acting like them, and probably having a lot of fun as they went about their day.

Even though it may have been enjoyable to be a security officer at Disney, they were there for a purpose. They were there to make sure that problems did not occur and if any did take place, they were handled quickly and efficiently.

Disney's Riviera Resort Hotel 2022
Disney’s Riviera Resort Hotel 2022

More recently, Disney also has local law enforcement officers on hand at the properties.

You may see these officers at the entrance gate but they are also located throughout the park and you can even see them at resort hotels in some cases.

One thing is certain, if problems arise on the property, security is on-point to try to handle them all on their own. If need be, police are going to be called and they will be there very quickly to take care of the situation.

Perhaps one of the more interesting features at Disney for security is the use of ‘Vapor Wake’ K-9 units. Those dogs are trained to detect explosives that are carried by individuals moving through the park.

This is interesting because the person doesn’t have to be standing still for the dog to walk up and sniff the baggage they have by their side. If somebody is wearing explosives on their body and moving through the park, the dogs can make that determination quickly.

Other features that can help with security include the fact that they no longer sell toy guns at the parks or resorts. In addition, if you are over 14 years of age, you cannot wear a costume at a theme park.

Does Disney Have Official Police As Part Of Security?

We know that police can be found at Disney but are they part of the security team?

You will see uniformed police officers at the various theme parks and resort hotels. They are not a part of the official security team at Disney, but they work along with them in that they are available at a moment’s notice in case there are called.

Quite honestly, Disney doesn’t say much about the security at the parks or at the resort hotels. They do openly discuss the visible measures they take, including uniformed police officers that work along with the Vapor Wake K-9 units.

The police officers also work along with those at the theme park entrance to do bag checks and at the security kiosk.

There may be some dogs employed at Disney on the security team, but the K-9 units that sniff for bombs are specifically associated with the police. They can take immediate action if they determine that there is a need.

What Can Disney Security Do? (Can They Arrest You)?

Since we know that Disney security exists, what can they do if they determine there is a problem?

Like a security guard that works at a mall or for a private function, the security employed by Disney has limited abilities. They can watch over things, warn people to leave, and escort them out of the park but they are not police officers.

One of the things that a security guard may do at Disney is to take somebody to the Disney Jail. This is a rather interesting situation that is not often discussed, but they do have holding areas at various locations in case somebody gets unruly.

Typically, somebody would be put in Disney Jail if they did something that requires they be arrested. They will be held at that location until the police arrived.

In addition, if you are caught doing something wrong, Disney security does have the ability to escort you off the property and ban you from the park. If you’re under 16 years of age, they may have to alert your parents according to the law.

Disney's Haunted Mansion At Magic Kingdom Park 2022
Disney’s Haunted Mansion At Magic Kingdom Park August 2022

Does Disney Search Your Bags (All Bags)?

Security measures have increased at Disney, including checking the items that we carry into the park. Do they search all bags?

All bags are not physically searched by Disney cast members as you go through the gate and enter the park. If you have to go through a scanner, then your bag will go through a scanner as well and if something is detected, they may do a search.

According to the general property rules at Disney World, all persons, bags, and parcels are subject to screening and security checks. At their discretion, they may not allow a bag to enter the park.