Florida Fly Drive vs Package Holidays: The Pros and Cons of Each Option

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  • Date: January 17, 2023

So It’s now time to start planning a vacation after all that hard work and no play!

For most families with young children, there is only one dream destination that ticks all the boxes–Walt Disney World!

However, would it be wiser to opt for a fly-drive Disney holiday or take the quick and easy Virgin holiday full package?

Both Fly-Drive Disney Holiday and Virgin Holiday full packages are great options. If you prefer to choose your own accommodation and are traveling on a budget then a Fly-Drive Disney Holiday might be a more suitable option for you. If you don’t have time to plan every single detail of your travel plans or browse the internet and do research, a Virgin Holiday full package is your best option.

Although that may be the general consensus, it is always best to know more about each package to help you make a more informed decision.

The last thing anyone wants is to have high expectations for a vacation only to be let down by poor planning.

That is why, in this article, we will break down each package to help you determine which might be the best option for you.

My Flydrive Vacation With Virgin Atlantic And A Separately Booked Villa

What Is a Fly-Drive Holiday? (Can You Book Disney Tickets with It?

A fly-drive holiday gives you a modicum of control and freedom during your trips, paired with convenience. You get a flight ticket along with access to a rented car. This way you can discover the region at your own pace, stop where you want to, and head out for adventure whenever you please!

It’s one of the best options for those who are looking forward to a road trip adventure and are willing to stay wherever their journey takes them.

With a Fly-Drive Disney Holiday package, you get a vehicle of your choice that has undergone a complete deep-cleaning process and is in good condition. You also get to choose your own accommodations and route. 

The options listed in fly-drive packages are manifold. You may choose accommodation in advance or use a discount voucher, and then pair it up with a fly-drive package. You can also choose to play it by ear and just stop for the night at the nearest motel or hotel that takes your fancy. 

As far as the booking of Disney tickets goes, yes, you can book tickets along with your Fly-Drive package.

If you are choosing a Virgin Atlantic Fly-Drive package, you’d likely get a couple of options to choose from. 

Alamo Parking Lot Orlando International Airport August 2022

Does Virgin Fly-Drive Include Baggage Fees?

All Virgin Atlantic Flights come with a free hand baggage allowance and most flights also include a free checked-in bag allowance. That also includes Virgin Fly-Drive packages. However, like all flights, there are weight limits and restrictions involved.

On Virgin Atlantic flights, you can check in at least one, 23kg bag unless you are flying Economy Light. Any bag exceeding 23kg will be charged an extra baggage fee. Hand baggage of up to 10kg, for essential items only, is also included in Virgin Fly-Drive. 

If there are other airlines involved during your travels, make sure to check their specific baggage policies.

To make things easier, here’s a table that breaks down Virgin Atlantic’s baggage allowances. 

Economy LightEconomyPremiumUpper-Class
Free checked-in baggage is not allowedOne free checked-in bag with a maximum weight of 23 kgTwo free checked-in bags with a maximum weight of 23 kg eachTwo free checked-in bags with a maximum weight of 32 kg each
Free checked-in baggage is not allowedFor children and seated infants, baggage allowance would be the same as for adultsFor children and seated infants, baggage allowance would be the same as for adultsFor children and seated infants, baggage allowance would be the same as for adults
Free checked-in baggage is not allowedFor lap infants, the bag allowance is one, 23 kg bagFor lap infants, the bag allowance is one, 23 kg bagFor lap infants, the bag allowance is one, 23 kg bag
Gold Members are allowed one 23 kg checked-in bag with no extra chargeGold Members are allowed one extra 23 kg checked-in bag with no extra chargeGold Members are allowed one extra 23 kg checked-in bag with no extra chargeGold Members are allowed one extra 23 kg checked-in bag with no extra charge
Extra baggage allowance on selected routes is not applicableExtra baggage allowance to/from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South AfricaExtra baggage allowance to/from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South AfricaExtra baggage allowance to/from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, and South Africa
Table showing Virgin Atlantic baggage allowances for various classes of travel.

How Far Away from Disney Are Virgin Villas? Which Is the Nearest Resort?

Families who book the Virgin Holidays full package are allocated one of The Orlando Villas on arrival. Most of the villas come with a full kitchen, dining and living areas, and a private screened pool.

All of the Orlando Virgin Villas are within roughly 27 miles of Walt Disney World Resort. These villas are spread out in various residential developments that are family friendly and safe. 

One of the priciest and most lavish Virgin Villas is at the Encore Resort.

Along with its outstanding range of facilities, the resort is only a 10-minute drive from some of Florida’s top theme parks and 7 miles from Walt Disney World. This makes it one of the best and closest accommodations you can find!

Most Virgin Villas are within a short drive from shops, supermarkets, eateries, and Disney World itself. However, there are some Virgin alloacted that may require up to an hour of driving. This is valuable vacation time wasted!

Virgin Villas in the gated community of Southern Dunes, for example, is more than a 30-minute drive away. Solana Resort and Balmoral Resort villas are even further and you can spend hours driving, just to reach your destination.

Can You Add a Villa onto Fly-Drive Booking at A Later Date?

Fly-Drive holidays do not include accommodations; however, Virgin Holidays have an impressive range of accommodation-only properties that you can book separately. You can also choose to book a private villa on your own.

If you wish to make changes to your package after you have already made the booking, the lead passenger must contact Customer Support with the booking reference and inform them of the new arrangements. 

The support staff will communicate the revised cost after including the payments of the new arrangements as well as other applicable charges. Once confirmed, the new invoice would be sent to you.   

It should be noted that many people find this process cumbersome. If you feel just as unsure, go for the full Disney World package that comes with accommodation.

Booking a Virgin Holiday Full Package would also be the ideal choice for those who have already been to Florida multiple times, and want to enjoy and experience everything Disney World has to offer!

Onboard My Virgin Atlantic Flight August 2022

Best Villa Area (Closest and Safest) To Walt Disney World

Disney World is surrounded by a multitude of beautiful, peaceful, and gated residential communities that makes choosing an accommodation close by fairly easy.

Some of the best Villa Areas include:

Grand Reserve

Located in the south of Orlando, in Davenport, Grand Reserve is a gated community very close to Disney World. It is home to numerous villas, most of which have lake views, game rooms, and a private pool and spa. This community is one of the best villa areas for visitors to Walt Disney World.

Formosa Gardens Village

This upscale villa community is located in Kissimmee and is so close to Disney World that you can hear the fireworks every night. What’s more, it’s gated. Almost all the villas offer a magnificent view of the lake and include a game room and a private pool and spa.

Windsor Hills Resort

Windsor Hills is just a stone’s throw from Disney World and has all the lavish amenities one could wish for. The villas in this area can house up to 17 guests. This premier Orlando villa area is also gated and includes health and fitness facilities.

How Safe Are Virgin Villa Areas (Are They Gated Communities)?

Virgin Villas are scattered around various areas of Orlando. Most of them are gated, but a few aren’t. The following are two of the gated communities that house Virgin Villas:

Solana Resort

Solana Resort is located in the greater Orlando area and is just a 20-mile drive from Disney World. It is best suited for families who want to enjoy the thrill of the theme park along with true Floridan vibes. 

This gated community has everything within its boundaries including a clubhouse, a pool, a spa, a mini-golf, a volleyball court, a kid’s playground, and a fitness room.

The villas in the community also come with private pools, a full kitchen, and numerous rooms to house large families.

Westhaven Villas

This gated community in Davenport, is only 11 miles from Walt Disney World Resort.

Each villa comes with a private pool and a full kitchen. All major shops, restaurants, and supermarkets are also located just a few minutes drive from any one of the Westhaven Villas. This makes them a popular and convenient spot for visitors.

Are Virgin Villas Located In Safe Areas?

Most Virgin Villas are located in safe areas, even if they aren’t in gated communities.

However, if you are traveling with kids or seniors, we recommend opting for villas that are situated in a close-by gated community for extra security. 

Final Thoughts

Fly-Drive Disney Holidays and the Virgin Holiday Full Disney Package, both have their share of pros and cons. What you choose for yourself or your family depends on your preference.

A fly-drive Disney holiday will feed the inner adventurer in you and allow for more freedom when it comes to enjoying Floridan vibes at your own pace.

Whereas, a Virgin Holiday Full Package helps make things convenient and less chaotic allowing you to enjoy your vacation centered around the magnificence of Disney World.  

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