Expedition Everest: The Intensity Factor Of Animal Kingdom’s Roller Coaster

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 18, 2023

If you are planning your trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park you may be attempting to map out your visit and in particular which rides you want to wait in line for.

Expedition Everest is the largest attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park and the question is often asked How Intense Is Expedition Everest?

In this guide, we’ll discuss the intensity drops and even hair ties on Expedition Everest so buckle up and let’s go!

Expedition Everest During Construction May 14, 2005

Is Expedition Everest Intense 

Standing in the Animal Kingdom Park looking up at this giant attraction you may be put off riding this attraction by its sheer size!

Depending on which emotions cause you the most intensity should be the deciding factor on whether to ride!

With the exception of perhaps Mission Space over at EPCOT and Space Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park, Disney focus all the attractions and rollercoasters on fun experiences.

While Expedition Everest is a roller coaster it appears much more intense than it actually is.

This is a fast roller coaster but most of this speed is actually happening where the coaster is at the lowest point on the track. In short, you won’t feel particularly shaken up after a ride around the mountain!

Is Expedition Everest Scarier Than Space Mountain

No. Space Mountain is much scarier than Expedition Everest. Space Mountain is completely in the dark with lots of (very sudden) drops, twists and turns.

I have often felt like I’m going to bang my head on Space Mountain! I wrote an article on this subject. You can read it here.

Are There Any Big Drops On Expedition Everest

Yes, there are big drops on Expedition Everest however don’t let that put you off riding for just one second.

Although the drops are large they are not sudden or steep. The drops tend to be smooth and fast and not as daunting at all as they look.

Does Your Stomach Drop On Expedition Everest?

My honest answer to this is yes but only a little bit!

If you really want your stomach to drop (I don’t) then head over to the Hollywood Studios and ride Tower Of Terror or Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom!

Expedition Everest really isn’t just one of those coasters that chain lifts you up to the top and drops you back down the other side! In fact, it even stops at one point and there is a little show!

I really wouldn’t be put off riding Expedition Everest because of the stomach drops. They really aren’t very intense.

Expedition Everest During Construction May 14, 2005

Can I Handle Expedition Everest

If you don’t mind speed and long flowing drops you will be just fine to ride Expedition Everest.

It’s one of those “Big Rides” you will be glad you went on! My favorite section of this ride is actually when the coaster is at the longest faster points of the track.

Take a look at this section of a YouTube video that shows this speed. I have set the YouTube video to start at this section so you don’t spoil the ride before your visit.

These are the parts of the coaster that you don’t see if you don’t dare ride! It’s a very smooth ride as well.

Why Are There Hair Ties On Expedition Everest

It has become somewhat of a trend to throw a hair tie at the top of Expedition Everest! Park guests have been doing this for years and somehow it has become a strange feature of the ride!

Although Disney does not encourage guests to do this, they are aware of them so don’t worry! you’re in safe hands!

How Fast Is Animal Kingdoms Expedition Everest?

Expedition Everest reaches top speeds of 80km/h but as previously stated this is on the lower sections of the track. It really doesn’t feel that fast though and it only hits these speeds for a very short timeframe.

Waiting In Line For Expedition Everest

Something to mention about Disney’s Animal Kingdom that always catches me out is the heat.

Waiting in line for many rides and shows is outside at Animal Kingdom, and Expedition Everest is no exception, If this is a particular problem for you then you may want to ride “Dinosaur” at Animal Kingdom instead.

This ride is hidden away and I know plenty of people that didn’t notice it at all on their first visit.

If you decide to give Expedition Everest a pass then this is a great alternative. Although it’s not a rollercoaster it is great fun with no sudden drops and stomach-churning moments!

Waiting in line for “Dinosaur” is located indoors and you may just be glad of the Air Conditioning after a few hot hours at Animal Kingdom.

If you decide not to ride Animal Kingdoms Expedition Everest then be sure to give Dinosaur a try!

If you have ever wondered how to become a Disney World Cast Member I have written a detailed guide!

You can read this guide here!

Here’s a video from YouTube on Animal Kingdoms Dinosaur Ride.

Is There A Weight Limit On Expedition Everest?

I have written a separate article on this subject. You can read it here.


I really hope you can find the courage to ride Expedition Everest, it’s more than just a roller coaster and I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t be put off from the outside of the ride. It really is a great ride and not as intense as it looks. You are in good hands Disney so I’m sure you can handle Expedition Everest.

Oh. Look out for the Yeti!

Have a magical day.