Why Thailand Isn’t for Everyone: 10 Common Complaints

Thailand is a popular destination for many tourists. However, every country has its pros and cons, and Thailand is no exception. So, what do people hate most about Thailand that might discourage you from visiting? 

People hate Thailand for its harsh climate conditions, poor quality of living, congested transportation, strict government laws, and air pollution. Tourists should also be mindful of the dress code, food consumption, and abundant mosquitos.  

In this article, I’ll discuss the top 10 things people hate about Thailand to give you a better picture of what to be cautious of if you’re planning a visit. Let’s get started. 

10 Things People Hate About Thailand 

1. Extremely Hot Weather 

Thailand’s scorching weather is a significant factor that deters people from visiting the country. The temperature is hot year-round, with highs usually in the 90s (Fahrenheit). Plus, the temperatures rarely fall below 70°F. 

As expected, the summer months in Thailand are excruciating, and most people avoid traveling to the country in April since that is when the heat reaches its peak. Although Thailand’s weather is great for outdoor activities, most people would rather travel to a country with a mild climate.  

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2. Poor Education System

Children in Thailand receive poor quality education due to a shortage of teachers, teaching materials, and poor school infrastructure. 

As a result, many children in Thailand are illiterate or very far in their grades compared to surrounding Asian countries. 

It’s sad seeing these children grow up in Thailand without the same opportunities as other children around the world when it comes to education. 

However, measures are being taken to improve the quality of education by securing bigger budgets for school development and providing training and incentives to attract good teachers. We should see a positive turnaround in Thailand’s education system in the upcoming years.   

3. Poor Healthcare System 

Although Thailand has a universal healthcare system, people hate the fact that there is a shortage of doctors and nurses in healthcare facilities around the country. 

There is a known disparity and lack of proper healthcare for people in rural versus urban areas. 

Moreover, the response time to emergencies is incredibly slow. One of the biggest problems Thailand faces is its inability to promptly assist people in motor vehicle accidents, making the country top on the list for the highest traffic fatalities worldwide. 

4. Transportation and Traffic

Due to heavy traffic, you’ll find drivers in Thailand driving illegally against traffic, including motorbikes driving on sidewalks. Therefore, it’s crucial to be extra vigilant when walking outside in busy cities like Bangkok.  

Thailand’s train and rail system may be easier to get around, but they’re also congested with people

Heavy traffic is also why most ambulances struggle to get to accident victims on time. 

As you can imagine, the jam-packed roads and over-populated transportation methods can make out-of-town visitors crazy if they aren’t used to it. 

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Check out this YouTube video that shows the crazy rush-hour traffic in Thailand.

5. Cultural Decorum

Another factor that’s hated about Thailand is the etiquette and rules stating how people should behave. 

For example, Thai people are mindful of their feet since this is considered the dirtiest part of your body, according to locals. Therefore, when traveling to the country, you must always ensure your feet are covered. You also shouldn’t touch anything with them or place your feet on an object (such as chairs, tables, etc.) 

Something else that might irk people about Thailand is its overly composed nature. While maintaining composure and calm isn’t bad, in Thailand, it’s considered best practice to avoid voicing your anger when something doesn’t go your way. 

Most people aren’t used to the Thai’s level of calmness and would rather express themselves without inhibition to lessen frustration. However, this is a no-go in Thailand. 

Eating etiquette is also different in Thailand; for example, you don’t use a fork but rather a spoon to eat. 

6. Strict Laws and Punishment

Some people hate the Thailand government and its strict laws. And you want to be extra careful to follow the rules, as breaking some of them can land you in prison.

One example is gathering in groups that are larger than five people. If you break this law, they can put you in prison for one year at a minimum. 

Another example is throwing chewing gum on the street. It may not land you in prison, but you’ll have to pay a fine. Prison will be the next option if you don’t pay the fine. 

Finally, making a three-finger salute is not allowed in Thailand. It’s seen as a symbol that goes against their military and will also get you prison time.

7. Conservative Dress Code

Thailand is already hot enough, so people hate that there are certain dress codes you need to follow since they may want to cut down on their clothing.  

Thailand is a conservative country, and you can’t wear cut-off clothing, short skirts, short shorts, or sandals. 

If you plan to visit temples, ladies must carry additional sweaters or scarves since they must cover their shoulders. 

Again, since it’s not polite to show your feet, closed-toe shoes will be your best bet rather than open-toe sandals. 

8. Food Poisoning

Food poisoning incidents are far too common in Thailand due to consuming poorly cooked food or contaminated water. 

Bacteria found in food purchased throughout Thailand are common, such as salmonella or listeria. 

Visitors need to be extra cautious when eating out, especially when exploring street food that has been sitting out for some time.

9. Mosquitos

Mosquitos are one of the most hated things about Thailand. It can make for a very unpleasant stay in the country if you get bitten by mosquitos. 

Thailand’s weather is hot and humid, and there are bound to be plenty of mosquitos waiting for you – especially if you aren’t prepared with repellent. 

The CDC has warned against different mosquito bites you should avoid, including Chikungunya, Dengue, and Zika. These bites can be potentially life-threatening. 

10. Pollution

Air pollution is a growing concern in Thailand, and people hate the health risks involved.

The Particulate Matter (PM) levels, which measure how much dust and other particles are in the air, are excruciatingly high in Thailand. 

Numerous deaths occur from air pollution throughout the country, which makes people hate Thailand for not urgently pursuing solutions to their extreme air pollution crisis.