Riding The Disney World Monorail: Spanish Announcements Explained

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: May 17, 2023

If you are a true Disney fan, you must have not missed any word or thing that is spoken or done in the Disney theme parks.

Usually, the real fans of Disney try to catch everything that is going on around there, including phrases that are said in other languages on the rides.

So, what do they say in Spanish when you are on the Disney monorail? 

The frequently heard phrase in Spanish on the Disney monorail, “¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!”, actually means “Please, stand clear of the doors!”. It is a warning phrase that is heard every time you are on the monorail and most people know it off by heart since they hear it frequently.

Monorail blue at Epcot

This article is focused on the Spanish phrase that is heard every time you get on the Disney monorail.

However, I will also discuss some other facts concerning the monorail, so if you want to find out more about this ride that you did not know, this is the article you will want to read.

This could be also a good guide of what to expect of the ride if you intend to get on the monorail for the first time. 

What Does The Spanish Phrase On The Disney Monorail Mean? 

People who have been on the Disney monorail know that one Spanish phrase is frequently heard while you are riding. The phrase is so catchy, so probably once you are on the monorail, it will get inside your head.

  • Some people continue to use the phrase “please stand clear of the doors in Spanish” for fun, while others find it annoying. 

As mentioned, the phrase that is heard is “¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!”, and it means, “Please, stand clear of the doors!”.

It is used to warn people to stay away from the doors in order to avoid any unpleasant events that might happen if you are near the doors when they start closing.

Also, this phrase is used to get people’s attention to move away since a lot of people are passing, and there should be space to move around. 

The Disney monorail is quite crowded most of the time since people are trying to get to Magic Kingdom or Epcot as soon as possible. The monorail wants to get all those people there, but it cannot move unless the doors are closed. That is why this phrase is repeated over and over again.

One thing is sure, the phrase is quite catchy, and people repeat it all over again for days after being on the Disney monorail.

Even those who find it annoying cant help repeat it since it is well stored in their memories. People use it on a daily basis, and there are even T-shirts printed with the same phrase!

Monorail green and spaceship earth

What Else Should You Know About The Disney Monorail?

If you have never been on the Disney monorail, you will probably want to know what to expect.

The Disney monorail is a place where you will come across a lot of people, and all of them behave differently, so you should be prepared to experience a lot of cultures at once.

Therefore, below you will find the things you should expect once you are onboard the monorail. 

Different Smells And Odors 

The monorail is a confined place with a lot of people inside, therefore, it is understandable that you will sense a lot of smells and odors.

However, some people pick the monorail as a time and place for doing certain activities, such as changing their baby’s diapers.

Also, some people tend to have their lunch there, so you might sense some smells of meat or something similar. 

Check out this YouTube video that captures the full experience from the Transportation Ticket Center To Magic Kingdom and shows the inside carriages of the monorail.

You might not be a person who enjoys this during a short ride on a monorail with a lot of people inside.

However, you should expect that not all people are as thoughtful as you. So, if you are planning to go on the Disney monorail, do not be surprised by the smell.

One thing to note from personal experience is you cant simply change carriage once you board. The Monorail from the TTC (Transportation Ticket Centre) only takes around 5 minutes to reach the Magic Kingdom.

If you are taking the Monorail from the Magic Kingdom or TTC to Epcot then the journey is around 10 Minutes. If you take this journey the monorail actually takes you through EPCOT where you will get a fantastic view of the park.

This is a ride in itself not to be missed in my opinion! Check out this YouTube video that highlights this part of the trip.

Personal Space

As I mentioned before, the Disney monorail is a confined space with a lot of people inside.

All of the park guests are trying to get to Epcot or Magic Kingdom as fast as possible, and they tend to think if they push against other people, the monorail will get there sooner.

Not many people understand the concept, so you should expect that the monorail will be crowded, and a lot of people will be in your personal space. Even if you are trying to stay away as much as possible, these things will happen. 

Monorail Green 2022

Picking Up Garbage 

A lot of people tend to leave garbage behind them on the monorail. You will see a lot of plastic empty bottles left behind, or even simple candy wrappings.

The Disney monorail is a place where you are going to come across a lot of people, and you will experience different manners and cultures.

Despite all this advice I personally enjoy a ride on the monorail. You get some truly unique views on the “Highway In The Sky” If you really value your personal space then you may want to take alternate transport, however, it is usually great fun and only a very short ride.

And remember! Stand clear of the doors!