What is a Jacuzzi Hotel Room Called? Booking Tips Explained

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  • Date: May 15, 2023

A hotel room with a Jacuzzi offers an extra touch of luxury and relaxation during your stay. Usually referred to as a “Jacuzzi suite” or a “Whirlpool Studio suite,” these rooms often showcase the in-room private hot tub as a main feature.

A “Jacuzzi Room” is usually called a “Suite with Spa Bath” or “Hot Tub Suite.”

To book a room with a Jacuzzi, browse the hotel’s website to find the appropriate suite, or call the hotel’s reservation number and inquire about the availability of rooms with Jacuzzis. Remember to consider location, timing, and any additional fees when making your decision.

Interior of a luxury hotel, beautiful bathroom with jacuzzi

Choosing a room with a Jacuzzi can turn your ordinary hotel experience into a memorable, pampering getaway. Take your time in finding the perfect option to enhance your stay, and soon you’ll be enjoying the soothing bubbles of your own private tub.

Understanding Jacuzzi Terminology

Jacuzzi Vs. Hot Tub

A Jacuzzi is a brand name and refers to air-jetted bathtubs, hot tubs, and other products produced by Jacuzzi Inc. On the other hand, a hot tub is a general term for a large tub with warm water and massaging jets. People often use the terms hot tub and spa interchangeably.

In-Room Hot Tub Vs. Private Hot Tub

As discussed, an in-room hot tub is typically found in hotel rooms and refers to a jetted spa tub or Jacuzzi placed inside the room. It is usually advertised as a “Suite with Spa Bath” or “Hot Tub Suite.”

A private hot tub, however, denotes a hot tub or spa located outside the room, such as on a patio or balcony, and is exclusive to a specific hotel room or suite.

To book a room with a Jacuzzi, search online for “in-room Jacuzzi” or “hot tub suite,” along with the name of the city and hotel. This will help you find rooms with the desired amenity, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing, hydrotherapeutic experience during your stay.

Booking a Hotel Room with a Jacuzzi

Utilizing Search Engines and Online Platforms

To book a hotel room with a jacuzzi, start by using search engines like Google or specialized travel websites like Booking.com. Input your travel dates and destination, then search for hotels.

Next, look for filters or search options to narrow down your results. Make sure to select amenities such as “Jacuzzi” or “hot tub” under the amenities or room features filters.

Filtering and Finding the Perfect Option

Once you have your search results, pay attention to hotel photos and descriptions. Often, rooms with a jacuzzi are called “Suite with Spa Bath” or “Hot Tub Suite.” Remember to read reviews from previous guests and check their experiences with the in-room jacuzzi.

If you’re still uncertain, call the hotel directly and inquire about available rooms with a jacuzzi. This way, you can confirm the availability and book with confidence. Happy booking!

Jacuzzi Room Types and Amenities

Hot Tub Suites and Deluxe Rooms

When booking a hotel stay, consider looking for hot tub suites and deluxe rooms. These accommodations often feature in-room spa tubs, providing a relaxing experience during your visit.

Jetted Tubs and Spa Baths

Another option is to seek out rooms with jetted tubs or spa baths. These amenities offer a similar soothing experience and can transform your hotel stay into a memorable, rejuvenating retreat.

Hotel Cabin and Superior Suites

For an even more luxurious experience, explore hotel cabins and superior suites. These accommodations typically offer additional space, high-end features, and often include private jacuzzi facilities.

Remember to inquire about these specific room types when making your reservation. Ensure the hotel has the desired jacuzzi amenities available for your stay. By doing so, you’ll be one step closer to enjoying a lavish escape complete with the comfort and relaxation provided by an in-room jacuzzi.

Ideal Occasions for Booking a Jacuzzi Room

Romantic Getaways and Honeymoons

A Jacuzzi in your hotel room can elevate your honeymoon or romantic getaway to a whole new level. It offers an intimate space where you and your partner can unwind and reconnect. Many romantic hotels feature rooms with private Jacuzzis and breathtaking views.

Jacuzzi bath with water, candles and plants

Anniversaries and Birthdays

Celebrate milestones like anniversaries and birthdays with a relaxing soak in a Jacuzzi. Booking a hotel room with a private hot tub in the room adds an extra touch of luxury to your special celebration experience. Enjoy some well-deserved pampering and make your special day memorable.

Valentine’s Day

Surprise your significant other with a getaway for Valentine’s Day. A hotel room with a private Jacuzzi can set the mood for a romantic evening, creating a perfect atmosphere for celebrating your love. Look for hotels offering Valentine’s Day packages that include rooms with in-room hot tubs.


Sometimes you just need a break from your daily routine. A hotel room with a Jacuzzi can provide much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation. Soak your stress away in a private hot tub after a long day of sightseeing or work. It’s an excellent way to recharge your batteries and enjoy a little indulgence.

Finding Hotels with Jacuzzi Rooms by Region

USA Hotels by Region

To find hotels with Jacuzzi rooms in the USA, consider using online search tools and key phrases like “in-room Jacuzzi” or “hot tub suite” with the desired city name.

New England and East Coast Hotels

For New England and East Coast hotels, major cities like Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. offer numerous options. Look for upscale hotels that offer Jacuzzi suites or private hot tubs.

West Coast and Southwest Hotels

On the West Coast and the Southwest, cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix also house many hotels with Jacuzzi rooms. Be sure to check for availability while booking.

Rocky Mountains, Plains, and Great Lakes Hotels

When seeking hotels in the Rocky Mountains, Plains, and Great Lakes regions, explore cities like Denver, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Resorts and luxury hotels in these areas often offer Jacuzzi suites.

Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Hotels

In the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, cities such as Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami provide numerous hotel options with Jacuzzi or hot tub amenities. As always, confirm availability during the booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find hotels with private Jacuzzis in the room?

Here are some tips to find such hotels:

  • Use search filters on booking websites, look for amenities like “private hot tub” or “in-room Jacuzzi.”
  • Check hotel websites for information about Jacuzzi-inclusive rooms.
  • Don’t hesitate to call hotels directly and ask about rooms with Jacuzzis.

Are there standard rooms with in-room Jacuzzis?

Most likely, rooms with in-room Jacuzzis are considered premium or luxury accommodations. Standard rooms generally don’t come with in-room Jacuzzis.

How much does it cost to book a hotel room with a Jacuzzi?

Rooms with in-room Jacuzzis typically cost more than average rooms. Expect to pay around $200-$300 per night, although prices may vary depending on the hotel and its location.

Do all hotels with “spa” in their name offer in-room Jacuzzis?

No, a hotel with “spa” in its name might only refer to its spa services or amenities, like a pool or sauna. It doesn’t guarantee the availability of private Jacuzzis in the rooms.

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