Florida Visitor Toll Pass: Everything You Need To Know

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  • Date: January 18, 2023

One of the expenses you will incur on your trip to Orlando if you rent a car is paying tolls. It seems as if everybody wants their piece of the pie, but there are options available to help you get through it.

One of those options is the Visitor Toll Pass.

What is the Visitor Toll Pass, and is it something you should consider using while you are driving around Orlando?

The Visitor Toll Pass is a free option you can use to pay the tolls automatically and conveniently as you are driving around Orlando and anywhere in Florida. Simply pick one up near the rental car company at the Orlando International Airport and drop it off when you drop the car off.

When you rent a vehicle, you will find that there are different options for paying tolls available through each individual rental car company. Many of these cost a premium, so you are not only paying the toll, but you are also paying extra for the service.

That isn’t the case, however, with the Visitor Toll Pass. You can reserve one before you pick up the vehicle using the Visitor Toll Pass app, and then pick it up at the Orlando International Airport.

Once you have the Visitor Toll Pass, which is just a small card, you hang it on the rearview mirror of the vehicle. It will automatically detect when you pass through any tollbooth and your credit card will be charged for the toll.

The only thing you have to be concerned about is dropping off the Visitors Toll Pass when you are finished with your trip to Orlando. It is very convenient to do so because there are dropbox locations throughout the Airport. If you don’t drop off the card, you will be charged a $10 fee.

Not only is the Visitor Toll Pass less expensive (it’s free) than the toll programs offered by rental car companies, it can save you money on tolls as well. You might be able to save as much as 80% compared to paying cash or pay-by-plate.

Is A Visitor Toll Pass Free?

Visitor Toll Pass is a very convenient option but is it actually free?

You can pick up the Visitor Toll Pass at the Orlando International Airport for free. You have to attach your credit card using the app, but there is no charge for using the pass, aside from the toll that will automatically be charged to your card.

Even though the Visitor Toll Pass does not come with a cost, you will still have to pay the tolls. They will be at a discount in most cases, but they will be charged to your credit card. You also are charged $10 if you neglect to drop the card off at the airport when you are leaving.

Is A Visitor Toll Pass The Same As A Sunpass?

The primary option for paying tolls in Florida is SunPass. Those toll booths will accept the SunPass as you pass through automatically. Will the Visitor Toll Pass also work in this way?

Your Visitor Toll Pass that you pick up at the Orlando International Airport is accepted throughout Florida. It works anywhere that SunPass is available in the state, and it will also cover E-Pass and LeeWay toll charges as well.

Once you have the Visitor Toll Pass hanging on your rearview mirror, you can simply pass through any SunPass tollbooth and it will automatically charge you for the toll. The best part is, it will usually charge you a discounted rate.

The same is also true for E-Pass and LeeWay areas.

Can You Use Sunpass Lane With A Visitor Toll Pass?

It’s nice that the Visitor Toll Pass gets you through SunPass tollbooths but what if you want to travel in a SunPass lane?

You can travel with confidence in any SunPass Lane in Florida if you have the Visitor Toll Pass. Those SunPass lanes are usually more convenient because they do not have the traffic that is found in the other lanes.

Of course, you will be charged a toll whenever you travel in a SunPass lane. That toll will be covered under the Visitor Toll Pass, and will automatically be charged to your card.

So, you can travel in any of the express or electronic lanes that are labeled as SunPass in the state of Florida. If you have any E-Pass or LeeWay signs denoting express lanes, you can also use them using the Visitor Toll Pass as well.

What Happens If You Go Through A Sunpass Without A Sunpass?

It’s always nice to have a way to pay tolls automatically, but what happens if you don’t have a Visitor Toll Pass or a SunPass and you pass through one of those lines?

SunPass is the official prepaid toll program for the state of Florida. If you don’t have a SunPass and you travel through a tollbooth, you will either have to pay in person if it is an option or you may be subject to a $25 violation charge.

The $25 that may be charged to you by the state of Florida is a daily charge. In other words, if you are in Orlando for two days, and you continue to use the SunPass tollbooths without a SunPass, you may get charged $25 per day.

At the very least, they will do a toll-by-plate and send you an invoice in the mail. It will also include a fee of $2.50 along with the toll.

What If You Don’t Have Change For A Toll In Florida?

What happens if you go through a tollbooth in Florida and don’t have the money for it?

If you don’t have the SunPass transponder or the cash to pay your toll, the state of Florida DOT will bill you using your license plate. It goes to the owner of the vehicle (or the person who rented it). Along with the toll, you will also be charged $2.50 as an administrative charge.

Then again, if you simply go through the tollbooth and don’t pay it or make arrangements, they do have the option of a $25 daily violation charge.

If you miss the toll in Florida and fail to pay, you may end up with a significant fine and some points on your license. It’s better just to pay the charge when you get it.

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