Discovering Epcot’s “The Land”: Is It Worth A Visit?

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  • Date: January 18, 2023

When visiting Epcot, you want to make the most out of every moment you are there. One option you have available is “The Land” at Epcot. But just what is “The Land” and it and is it worth a visit?

The Land at Epcot is dedicated to providing a unique experience of interacting with agriculture, travel, and conservation. You can find the pavilion in the Future World area of Epcot.

The Land is a relatively large pavilion and you should give yourself enough time to explore all that it has to offer.

The Land is capable of holding up to 3600 individuals, so you will have plenty of elbow room as you are moving from one area within the pavilion to another.

  • Personal tip! It’s a great place to cool off!

Let’s consider some of the specifics of this unique pavilion, including the rides and the other areas that you will undoubtedly want to visit while at Epcot.

The Land Pavilion Epcot August 2022

Is ‘The Land At Epcot’ Worth A Visit?

As you pass by The Land pavilion, you might wonder if it is worth visiting. Should you stop in?

There are many places to visit at Epcot but The Land Pavilion is one of the best stops at the park.

You will find a wide variety of attractions within the pavilion, along with dining and shopping. It’s a great way to get in and enjoy some time browsing during your day.

Here are some of the different options available at The Land Pavilion that you will want to enjoy.

Living with the Land – This unique boat tour teaches you a lot about the history of agriculture and ecology.

This is a love-it-or-hate-it ride! Personally, I find it really relaxing and could happily stay on all day! Take a look at this Youtube video that shows this slow-paced attraction.

Soarin’ Around the World – If you are interested in taking a trip around the world with one of the most unique perspectives, then this hang-gliding simulator is something that you should definitely take part in. You will visit everything from the plains of Africa to the great pyramids of Egypt.

This is a must-do attraction for many visitors and is also missed by many visitors due to its location. Firstly you need to enter the land pavilion and go to the bottom level, even though you really would not know there was a huge ride.

Look out for the sign shown in my photograph below.

“Soarin” Entrance Inside The Land at Epcot 2019

Awesome Planet – Explore the world through this 4D film.

Behind the Seeds – Don’t miss the opportunity to take this one-hour tour of the research facility. It costs extra, but it is well worth the money.

Shopping – You can choose from the Soarin’ Tour Desk or the Green Thumb Emporium to pick up a momento of your visit to Epcot and The Land Pavilion.

Dining – Some of the different dining options available at the pavilion include Asian food, sandwich shops, a bakery, breakfast food, and a woodfired grill. You can even meet characters in a slowly revolving restaurant called garden grill!

For more information on this take a look here on the Disney website.

How Long Is Living With The Land Ride?

Living with the Land is one of the premier rides at Disney. It allows you to see how horticulturalists are growing food using hydroponics and other unique methods. How long is the ride?

Once you are actually on the ride, you will spend 15 minutes slowly working your way through the experience. It may take you some time to get on the ride, but Disney does a good job of making the wait enjoyable as well.

Although it is not part of the Living with the Land ride, you may want to consider going on the Behind the Seeds tour. You might even see some people who are taking that tour if you look closely enough from the boat.

For those who are interested in paying for the additional tour, you can go to the Soarin’ entrance desk or call 407-WDW-TOUR to book the experience.

Do You Get Wet On Living With The Land?

You may have heard that the Living with the Land ride is in a boat. Will you get wet on it?

Unless you decide to jump off the boat into the water, you will not get wet. It is a very peaceful and calm ride and there aren’t even any drops of water that will fall from above.

If you are looking for an experience where you do get wet, there are some water rides at various Disney theme parks. Living with the Land may be on the water, but you don’t have a chance of getting wet on it.

Is Soarin Worth It?

One of the main reasons why people visit The Land pavilion is because of the Soarin’ Around the World ride is it worth it?

The Soarin’ Around the World ride is one that you should not miss.

It puts you in a vehicle that lifts you up in front of a large screen and then you get to experience visiting places around the world as if you were soaring on a glider.

Here’s a YouTube video that shows the ride.

One of the things that you will notice about the Soarin’ Around the World ride is the fact that it makes you feel as if you are actually floating above the clouds. In reality, however, it is just a flight simulation and you aren’t really doing much moving at all.

You may feel as if you are moving and for some people, motion sickness is going to be a problem.

Personally, although I suffer from motion sickness I have never had a problem on Soarin

Generally speaking, however, you can simply close your eyes if you feel a little sick. You won’t be able to experience the sights, but you will still experience the sounds.

The Soarin’ ride is about 5 1/2 minutes long.

The queue to get on the ride, however, can take up to 25 minutes or perhaps even longer. It is still worth the wait, and it is an experience that you will enjoy.

How Scary Is Soarin?

Many people who are considering riding the Soarin’ Around the World ride do not necessarily know what to expect. Is it scary?

As a flight simulator, you will be lifted up in the ride but you will not actually be going anywhere. The entire thing takes place on a large screen in front of you. It is not a scary ride but if you suffer from motion sickness, it can be a problem if you keep your eyes open.

Small children who don’t understand that they aren’t actually on a hang glider may find the ride to be a little scary.

There are times when it gets you very close to the experience before it switches you over to a new location.

If you explain to the children that you are just watching a movie on a large screen, it may make it a little less scary for them. All in all, however, it is well worth the wait.

It’s one of those attractions that once you have been on once you won’t be able to wait to ride again! Oh and by the way it even included smells!

A visit inside the land pavilion is certainly one not to miss!

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