Why Universal Parks Are Designed To Be Loud and Intense

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  • Date: January 18, 2023

When you plan a trip to Orlando, Florida, one of the stops is ultimately going to be Disney. You might also appreciate visiting the other parks in the area, including Universal.

When you do so, you can’t help but make a comparison between the two parks. For those who are a little older, Universal may even seem a little too intense and loud, especially compared to the more family-friendly, Disney Parks.

Why is there such a difference?

The reason why it seems that Universal Park rides and attractions are so much louder and more intense is that they were created that way. Many of the rides use special effects and that can really boost the intensity of any ride when it is done properly.

Velocicoaster Universal’s Islands Of Adventure August 2022

Even compatible rides from one park to the other that may be in the same genre are going to be quite different when it comes to the experience.

At Universal, such a ride would likely take you through all the bumps, twists, and turns along with some amazing special effects that can really get your heart going. At Disney, they are fun rides that can be shared by both young and old.

The fact that there is such a disconnect between Universal Parks and Disney World makes people wonder if they are suited for every age.

Let’s consider that possibility, as well as look into which parks would be better, depending on how old we are.

Is Universal Studios Worth It If You Don’t Like Thrill Rides?

When we visit amusement parks of any type, we expect there to be rides available. Some people thrive on those rides and they will jump from one queue to the next, just waiting for an opportunity to hop on board.

There are many others, however, who love the experience of being around people at an amusement park such as this but don’t necessarily like riding on roller coasters and other rides.

Considering the fact that Universal Studios seems to be all about the rides, is it still worth the visit if you don’t like them?

It doesn’t matter if you like rides or not, Universal Studios is a great park to visit.

They have so many other options available that will keep you busy and happy all day long. Some of those attractions are intense and the music can be loud, but it is still something to keep in mind.

In fact, if you’re going to be visiting Universal Studios and will not be getting on any rides, why not try the following attractions that are sure to keep you happy?

Shopping – There are so many unique and themed areas at Universal Studios and each of them has a shop. You can wander around Universal Studios and load up on some great merchandise. They also offer an option to hold your purchases in an area near the exit so you can pick them all up later. Shop till you drop!

Characters – Disney isn’t the only theme park with characters and you can enjoy seeing many of your favorites at Universal Studios. It’s a great way to have your picture taken and enjoy some time during your visit. You can see characters including Spiderman, Shrek, Dr. Doom, and even The Simpsons.

Shows – There are so many different shows available at Universal Studios, you will never be able to see them all in a day. You can find some of them on the streets and they may happen at random but at other times, you can look for them in advance and plan your day around them.

Hogwarts Express – I realize that this is a ride, but it isn’t going to take you on twists and turns. It’s just a comfortable way to travel between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios if you have a ticket that allows you to go to both parks during the day.

Stand in Queue – Even if you are not going to hop on the ride, you might find it nice to stand in the queue for a while and enjoy the experience. Universal has done a good job of making it at least bearable to wait in line, and if you aren’t waiting in line, you’re missing out on a lot of work that went into it.

Dining – Finally, head down to Universal CityWalk and try some of the fine dining options. There are a lot of themed restaurants in the area and although you might not actually be in the park, you are a stone’s throw from it and can always come back.

Is Universal Fun For All Ages?

As a theme park, you would expect Universal Studios to be specifically geared toward a younger audience. Is that true?

Whether you are young or old, you can have an enjoyable day when you visit Universal Studios. Many of the rides and attractions are geared toward a younger audience and you might find the experience to be a little loud if you are older, but it is still worth a visit.

The key to enjoying Universal Studios at any age is to plan your trip in advance. Younger people would appreciate doing some of the rides and they may be more likely to hop into a loud, immersive attraction.

Some from the older generation will also appreciate heading down to the shops and taking part in some of the slower rides and attractions. They may be few and far between, but there is plenty to keep you busy during the day.

Universal’s Islands Of Adventure 2022

Which Orlando Park Is Best For Adults?

If you’re trying to choose the best park in the Orlando area for adults, there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Epcot is the park in the Orlando area that is most suited for an older audience.

The walk around Epcot is still 1.2 miles, but you will be able to enjoy some food and adult beverages along the way as you casually make your way from one attraction to another.

In the end, Universal Studios and Disney offer something for the entire family and people of all ages.

Universal Studios is louder and more intense, so it tends to be a favorite among younger audiences. Walt Disney World, on the other hand, is a family-friendly park that has something for everyone.

Feel free to read our Universal vs Epcot post! You can read it here.

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