Why Do I Miss Walt Disney World So Much?

When you are preparing for a trip to Walt Disney World, you consume a huge amount of knowledge and information, so you can get informed about all the things important for your visit, so it is likely that you have come across the term Post Disney Depression or PDD.

You have probably laughed at this notion as you couldn’t believe that people actually feel depressed after a trip to Walt Disney World, but now, you are back, and you feel the same way!

You’ve had your last look down Main Street USA and the Exit Signs are final this time. The last trip on the Monorail and the last time using your Magic Band. I know, It can actually be an emotional experience. The smell of the parks, the color, the magical atmosphere, and the thrills are suddenly gone.

I’m not helping yet, am I?

Don’t worry I’ve been there and I will help you with your “transition” back into the “real world”

So, why do you miss Walt Disney World so much, and what can you do to make yourself feel better after coming back from the world of magic? 

After you return from your trip to Walt Disney World, you may feel sad without the will to do anything. This period of sadness followed by your visit to this magical world is also known as Post Disney Depression, and it is quite common among Disney fans. You may find it really hard to get back to reality.

If you feel sad and depressed after visiting Disney World, do not worry since you are not alone in this.

In this article, I will share all the emotions people experience and miss after returning from this world of magic. Also, I will discuss some things you can do to make yourself feel better during this period, and help you get back on track. 

Perhaps you could go back on a more permanent basis?

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Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom August 2022

What Is A Post Disney Depression? 

When you go to Walt Disney World, you are surrounded by your favorite characters’ sights and smells, you have fun like you have never experienced before, and your mind is away from all the worries of real life.

The Disney Parks offers so many activities that you completely forget about your real responsibilities, and you are just enjoying your time filled with magical adventures.

  • However, once your trip is over, you are faced with strange feelings that you might not have after you return from a regular vacation. 

Although to some people it might sound odd since there are many more serious things to worry about, and missing Disney does not seem like something over which you should be miserable. Nonetheless, these feelings of sadness are real, and they happen to a lot of people, so you are not the only one for sure.

This notion is also known under the name Post Disney Depression or PDD, and it is a common occurrence in real Disney fans. 

Post Disney Depression is in fact, the period of sadness that comes after you return from the magical bubble of Walt Disney World.

The vacation you spend in this adventurous theme park is something quite different from a regular holiday. You spend time doing various activities that are quite unusual, and even the regular things, like eating or going for a walk, are simply accompanied by some sparks of magic. 

Therefore, once you are back into the real world, reality can hit you really hard.

Some people might experience this depression at a very serious level, while others might get over it in a few days or a week.

  • There are cases when people need to consider therapy in order to get over the Disney depression since it has hit them harder than usual. However, you should know that this feeling of sadness that occurs after you get back, is completely normal and quite common, and there are things you can do to make yourself feel better. 

What Can You Do To Soothe Your Post Disney Depression? 

Once you wake up in your regular home and do regular things, your depression might hit you even harder.

To get over this sadness, there are things you can try, to make yourself feel better and bring back some good memories from the time spent in Walt Disney World. 

Listen To Disney Music 

Since there are a lot of people that feel the same after a Disney vacation, there are a lot of playlists that include all Disney songs you might have heard in the parks.

You can find these playlists on YouTube or Spotify, and they will help you relive some vivid memories.

This is one of the best ways to soothe yourself after your return, considering that songs and music are the real memory triggers. 

You can do your daily activities by listening to the common Disney songs and feel as if you are right back there. So, drinking coffee, driving to work, and running errands will become simpler and easier for you.

At this point, even a listen to “It’s A Small World” can help revive you!

Look At Your Photos From Disney World

No vacation passes without taking a certain amount of photos in order to keep your memories.

Therefore, once you are back at your home and you will be sad that the trip is over, try to relive it by looking at all the photos you took at Walt Disney World. This will evoke your emotions, and it will take you back to the previous days when you have enjoyed doing adventurous and magical things. 

You can even start selecting your favorites and actually consider getting these printed! It feels nice sometimes to have a real photo to hold! You can treat yourself to a Disney photo frame!

Watch Your Favorite Disney Movies 

Nothing makes life better than a movie with your favorite Disney characters.

If you miss the magic from the theme parks, try to get it back by watching your favorite movie with a slightly big pack of popcorn.

This will certainly brighten your day and cheer you up, so you will no longer think about how it was there, but how it will be once you go back again!

If you have some time, one movie can turn into a movie marathon, which is not such a bad idea. So, browse through Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Disney+, and find something that will suit your mood. 

As you can see, feeling depressed after a trip to Walt Disney World is not uncommon, so do not feel concerned if a deep sadness takes you over once you are back. As you have seen, there are options that can brighten your day, and make you feel more positive about your return. 

You can also check out the weekly live streams on the Resort TV1 channel on YouTube.

Plan Your Next Disney Trip

This is my favorite way to beat off the Disney Depression!

I immediately start looking for dates and flights to plan my next Disney vacation! Looking at flight times and accommodation even if It will be months or years away can really help!

Think of all the rides and attractions you may have missed by looking at the park maps and tailor-make your next plans for a completely different experience next time you visit!

Try and have a Magical Day.