Why Do Nipples Hurt After Going To The Beach?

  • By: pdstamp
  • Date: December 8, 2022

If you enjoy swimming in the ocean, especially if you are a surfer, you might have noticed some pain and soreness in the nipples right after doing this activity.

You are not the first one, and this is not such an uncommon occurrence since many surfers, both men and women, have complained of pain in the breast and the nipples after going into the ocean. So, why do nipples hurt after going into the ocean and relaxing on the beach?

Nipple pain, or also known as a surfer’s nipple, is a condition characterized by pain in the breast and nipple area in women and some men. The pain is caused by repetitive abrasion and rubbing of the nipples by wax or clothes. Therefore, people experience irritation, soreness, or sometimes bleeding.

In this article, I will discuss the pain and soreness that occurs in the nipples and breasts after going into the ocean.

This is usually an issue that is common for surfers, however, it might happen to people who often spend time swimming in the ocean too. This article will help you understand why this keeps happening, and what you can do to prevent the pain when you go to the beach

Why Do My Nipples Hurt After Swimming In The Ocean? 

Soreness, irritation, and pain in the nipples are usually common in surfers.

This occurs generally in women, however, it has happened to men as well, so they should not be excluded from the option.

This type of pain and soreness is also known as the ‘surfer’s nipple’, and it usually occurs right after surfing or swimming in the ocean. 

Firstly, it is important to understand that this is a common thing that happens, especially to surfers, and, as a matter of fact, many medical professionals are already used to seeing this kind of problem.

Therefore, if you experience this kind of pain in the nipples, you should not be alarmed at the same moment since it is a usual occurrence. Of course, you would probably need to take some treatment measures, but try not to panic. 

It is so common that some women have been deprived of entering the ocean and surfing since the pain has become quite regular.

So, since this problem keeps women out of the water, and away from surfing, it means that you should seriously address it if it happens to you. There are different reasons for irritation and soreness of the nipples and the breasts, so you should check what is your reason for pain. 

  • You might not be a surfer, and still, experience some pain after swimming.

This means that the issue is common for surfers, but it happens to swimmers in the ocean as well. There are different kinds of pain, and they occur in different parts of your body, so you will first have to check the body part that hurts, and then figure out the reason. 

Breast Pain 

Generally, breast pain can occur during surfing for two reasons – the breast glandular tissue itself, or the chest wall and muscles that are found underneath the breast tissue.

The breast glandular tissue may cause pain because of a certain amount of trauma and bruising that is imposed on it. Due to fluctuations in hormones, this tissue becomes larger and more sensitive, and you feel this by particular pain in the breasts. 

Therefore, even if you are just paddling with the board on your chest, you can feel the soreness and the pain. At some point, you might feel the pain even when you are resting. 

On the other hand, you may experience pain in the chest wall and the muscles because of the musculature network that is complicated and involved with surfing biometrics.

Paddling, duck diving, and carrying the large surfing board can impose additional straining on the muscles. You can improve this, by working out and strengthening out your core on a daily basis. 

Nipple Pain 

Nipple pain occurs by constant rubbing and abrasion to the nipples by the wax used for the surfing board, or by the clothing you wear in the ocean.

These abrasions lead to soreness, irritation, and pain in the nipples. Once you are done with surfing or swimming in the ocean, you may notice that the nipples become dry and somehow cracked. 

These cracks can become serious, and develop into an infection. Sometimes, the constant rubbing of the nipples can even cause some bleeding. This may lead you to stay away from the ocean, i.e. avoid surfing and swimming altogether since the pain can be quite severe. 

Can The Swimsuit Be Too Abrasive And Cause Nipple Pain? 

Most of the time, the swimsuit can be the cause for your nipples experiencing pain. This is especially common in women since the swimsuits can be really tight and contribute to excessive rubbing.

Therefore you might consider a more suitable swimsuit, or picking out something that is really supportive for your chest, i.e. not something that is too tight, but not loose as well. 

When it comes to women specifically, it is recommended that they choose something that will provide support for their breasts when surfing or swimming in the ocean.

One option is to wear a sports bra under the swimsuit if there is no other choice. In other words, you need to provide care and support for your breasts to make sure to avoid any cracks. 

Tips To Avoid Nipple Pain And Soreness

There is always a way that will provide doing the activities you like while taking some additional care measures. In order to avoid nipple pain you can try these things: 

  • Do not wear loose-fitting material.
  • Use vaseline to avoid rubbing and cracking.
  • Try applying waterproof plasters to the nipples.
  • Use antiseptic cream if the nipples are inflamed, and avoid going into the ocean for the time being.
  • Avoid sunburns at all costs. 

As you could see, nipple pain and soreness are common for swimmers and surfers in the ocean. If you experience this kind of pain, do not panic and raise your levels of stress since you can take the proper care measures and deal with this issue.