Why Does Walt Disney World Smell So Nice?

If you have ever visited Walt Disney World, there is no chance that you have missed the amazing scents and smells wherever you go inside the theme parks.

These scents are so unique that you are not even sure whether they are real!

So, why does Disney World smell so nice, and how do they succeed in spreading such scents all around the parks? 

Walt Disney World smells so nice by using “smelitizers” all around the parks to trigger emotions in visitors. By using “smellitizers” all over the site, Disney can enhance the guest experience. Every scent is unique and corresponds to a particular area of the parks.

This article is focused on the smells and scents you can experience in Walt Disney World, and it provides reasons why the parks do this in the first place.

You will be surprised to discover some facts that you didn’t know about these scents and learn to understand that each of them is not accidental.

If you have never been to Walt Disney World, the information you read here might really persuade you to do this as soon as possible to see why people are so crazy about this unique smell. 

Why Does Walt Disney World Smell So Nice?

If you have visited Walt Disney World, there is no chance that you have missed the smells, and you probably still remember them.

These smells make people ask themselves are those scents real, and how do they produce them since the whole site smells in a different and unique way.

The things that you are going to read below might spoil the magic of Walt Disney World a little since you are about to discover the secrets behind these smells. 

  • The reason behind the various scents sensed in the park is to evoke nostalgia.

This notion is also known as “scent-evoked nostalgia”, and it is quite discussed among scholars. The theme park uses these scents to evoke emotions and memories of the places people visit.

Each of these scents is special in its own way, and the main role of each scent is to trigger an emotion related to the surroundings. 

Still magical, right? This is actually a well-perfected and masterful way of making Disney fans fall in love with Walt Disney World even more. However, you might still ask yourself how they do that, and what techniques and devices they use to achieve this effect. 

Actually, Walt Disney World uses all kinds of “smellitizers” to produce unique smells in particular areas and surroundings.

These “smellitizers” are in fact, devices that are present all around the theme parks to produce an artificial smell that will evoke emotions corresponding to that particular area of the park.

Therefore, you can sense different smells and aromas in the food areas, attraction sites, even hotel lobbies. 

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What Kind Of Scents Can You Experience In Walt Disney World?

The smells definitely contribute to the magical experience in Walt Disney World, and that is not only because the scents are so wonderful but also because they relate to many different surroundings.

If you have been there, you already know that each area smells a special way, and that is the factor that enhances the experience.

  • Some of the scents are mainly artificial, while others are produced due to different processes going on in the theme parks. 

The Smells In Each Attraction Area

As you know, there are different attractions and different rides, and each of them is specially designed to represent a certain imaginary world. Some of the smells are nice, while others might make you feel nauseous. Therefore, you can expect the following scents: 

  • Rosewater and grass present in the Soarin’ Around The World.
  • Smokey smells to make the Rome Burning experience more realistic in Spaceship Earth.
  • Flowers and damp soil in Avatar Flight of Passage.
  • Gasoline scents at Tomorrowland Speedway
  • Delicious scents of sweet apple pie in Mickey’s PhilaharMagic

The Unique Food Aromas 

These are one of the best smells that you will experience in your life. There is no one that doesn’t get excited by different delicious food aromas. So, some of the most prominent scents are: 

  • The caramelly smells that are all around the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Confectionery
  • The irreplaceable smell of freshly-made popcorn is all around Disney World. 
  • The sweet and icy scent of various ice cream flavors in Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street.
  • The tasty smell of fast food like burgers, chicken, and french fries Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café
  • The heavenly smell made of sugar and cinnamon included in the churros that can be found on various spots all around the theme park. 
  • The greasy smell of turkey legs makes you hungry instantly.

Unintentional Odors 

While the smells mentioned above are all created and mainly artificially pumped out to evoke and trigger emotions and memories, some scents are unintentional, i.e. they are produced naturally by the surrounding plants and trees in Disney World, or by pure necessity.

For instance, you can surely sense the smell of nature in Animal Kingdom and Polynesian Village Resort since these areas are surrounded by greenery.

Although some scents might be pleasant, you can also smell something that will not make you feel great. This is due to the mist and decaying leaves that are inevitable in these areas. 

Another type of odor can be smelled in the Disney Monorail.

This is understandable due to the fact that the monorail is constantly filled with (hot) people who are in Disney World the whole day. So, expect that you will smell slightly musty scents. 

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Finally, the smell of roses that are everywhere in the theme park.

People usually like to stop and smell the wonderful scent they produce. This is also one more example of unintentional smells that are spread all around Disney World. 

I hope that this article doesn’t spoil the magic that you feel when you are in Walt Disney World.

Even though most aromas and scents are artificially pumped out, they still make this theme park the most special place in the world. 

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Have a magical day!