Beyond Berlin: 7 Reasons To Visit Germany

Germany is a country full of charm and rich history. A trip here can be fascinating because of all this country offers. So, what makes it worth visiting?

Germany is worth visiting because of its beautiful countryside, gorgeous architecture, and fantastic festivals. Germany also boasts charming Christmas markets, a rich history, dining options, and efficient commuting. Thus, you will never experience a dull moment when traveling here. 

This article will explain why Germany is worth visiting, providing examples of places to visit that will make your trip the best. Read on for seven reasons why you should choose Germany as your next destination.

My first ever trip abroad was to Königstein im Taunus I remember traveling by ferry and rail as a very young boy!

7 Reasons Why Germany Is Worth Visiting

1. Germany Is a Place of Great Natural Beauty 

One of the best features of Germany is all the fantastic natural attractions available. From lakes to parks to waterfalls, there is almost no end to the sights you can see in this beautiful country. 

Germany is home to more than 100 nature parks and 16 national parks. What’s interesting about this country is that each of the 16 states is responsible for founding one of these national parks. Regardless of which one you visit, there is a gorgeous preserve waiting for your exploration.

Located in Bavaria in the far south, you can see the spectacular Schrecksee, a lake almost 2000 meters (6561 ft) above sea level. This area is rarely used, as hiking the trail requires an average of seven hours.

Also in Bavaria is the Bavarian Alps, a section of the world-famous mountain range. Skiing is a favored pastime, and many tourists visit here to hit the slopes. 

Other notable attractions include the Externsteine rock formation in North Rhine-Westphalia and the Saalfeld Fairy Grottoes in Thuringia. The Devil’s Bridge in Kromlau, Saxony, is another must-see as it forms a perfect circle when reflected in the still water beneath it.

2. Germany Is Home to Gorgeous Architecture

There is a vast array of architectural styles from one end of the country to the other. The sheer diversity of design makes Germany an architectural delight. 

Nearly every type of structure adorns the beautiful countryside. This variety embraces historic castles, rustic cottages, and Medieval-era homes featuring many architectural styles, including the following:

  • Contemporary
  • Modernist
  • Romanesque
  • Gothic 

Another featured style is the Bauhaus. Bauhaus means “building house” and focuses on the minimalistic design of things. Significant features are straight edges and simplistic adornments.

Berlin is a favorite of architecture lovers and features the following:

  • French Cathedral on Gendarmenmarkt
  • New Guardhouse (Neue Wache)
  • Altes Museum 

3. Be Prepared To Enjoy Many Amazing Festivals

Germany is well-known for its festivals spread across the country. They provide a different perspective of the severe people portrayed on television. Throughout the year, these festivals offer a massive immersion into the culture and allow the firsthand experience of everything it means to live in Germany.

The best-known festival is Oktoberfest, which has been modified and transported worldwide. This festival takes place in the capital of Munich, where millions flock to consume nearly 8 million liters (2,113,376 gals) of beer.

Oktoberfest originated as a royal wedding celebration and grew into what we know today. The festival lasts a fantastic two weeks, with the locals donning their lederhosen to return to their roots.

Reeperbahn is the largest festival of its kind. Held in bars, clubs, and other music venues in Hamburg, this festival is the grandest club festival Europe has to offer. It is a massive event for those hoping to strike it big in the music industry.

4. Germany Offers Fantastic Christmas Markets

In late November through Christmas, and sometimes even New Year’s, Christmas markets appear throughout Germany. These markets offer the most incredible immersion into the holiday spirit.

You can enjoy local food and drink while gazing at the beautiful decorations. There are shops galore to buy gifts for your loved ones back home.s.

For history enthusiasts, the Dresden Market is the oldest in the country. It officially started in 1434 in Altmarkt. 

For variety, Berlin features over 70 Christmas markets for the entire holiday season. The Lucia Christmas Market is one of the most famous of all Berlin Markets. It features all the delicacies of German cuisine and everything you wish to buy.

5. Germany Boasts Museums, Theaters, and Other Cultural Interests

Germany is a cultural epicenter, offering its history on a platter to visitors worldwide. With many museums, theaters, and historical sites, there’s plenty to see and do on any vacation.

The Cologne Cathedral in Cologne is an exemplary representation for those looking for a world heritage site. It took centuries to complete construction, beginning in 1248 and ending in 1880. If you want to take in the incredible views from the top of the south tower, only 509 stairs stand between you and the top!

You’ve probably read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a requirement in school. When you visit Germany, you can see where the book’s inspiration lived, Frankenstein Castle, located on a hilltop 10 miles from Gersheim.   

Many believe that Johann Conrad Dippel inspired Victor Frankenstein’s character. Today, you can tour the castle and get a feel for the novel’s setting. 

In Berlin, you will find one of the most chilling experiences of all, the Topography of Terror. It is a museum dedicated to the documentation of the terror tactics employed by the Nazis during World War II. 

During the warmer months, they frequently offer an outdoor exhibit of an excavated cellar under the Berlin Wall where the Nazis would torture and kill political prisoners.

6. Germany Offers the Best Beer and Delicious Food

You cannot go to Germany and not sample the beer and the food. German beer is a legend, and the food has evolved from a staple of potatoes and sausages into a gastronomic delight. 

The country boasts thousands of types of beers, so many that you need extra time to sample them on your trip. You can choose from many dining options, including street stalls and high-quality restaurants featuring the finest in German delicacies.

7. Traveling Within Germany Is Easy

Traveling can often be stressful because it’s challenging to get around once you reach your destination. When you visit Germany, this is not a problem at all. You can rent a car and travel by the famous autobahn or use the public railway system, which is fast and efficient.